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Can Reducing Clutter Help You Lose Weight?

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Did you know that the average person in America weighs around 2,000 pounds? Ok, not literally…That’s the typical weight of all the possessions a person owns. Furniture, clothes, seldom-used appliances, unread books, and boxes full of items from the past all contribute to the 2,000-pound weight that you are likely carrying around. But how does reducing clutter help you lose weight?



The idea of “cleaning house” has been a pillar of health and wellness for centuries. Reducing clutter has a chain reaction that benefits your mental, emotional and physical health. Before I talk about those different reactions I want to invite you to my FREE 30 days of spring cleaning and organization challenge.  I will deliver tips, bite-sized tasks, and FREEBIES to your inbox. All you have to do is register below.




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Health Benefits of Reducing Clutter 

Whether it’s that old armchair that no one sits in, or a craft corner that you haven’t used in years, clutter comprised of large items or parts of an entire room eat away at space. This space could be used for weight loss and health goals. For example, the craft corner that has slowly overwhelmed an entire room could easily be used as a place for yoga or to do at home digital workouts.



How Clutter Harms a Healthy Routine

Picture this: you wake up to a messy, overstuffed closet and spend too much time trying to find something to wear. You’re running late so you run through the fast food line for a quickie coffee and pastry on your way to work. Or you simply skip breakfast altogether, slowing your metabolism. Your hunger hormone levels go up and you are more likely to overindulge when lunch comes around.


Learn more about Hunger Hormones in my blogs about Ghrelin and Leptin.


The same thing is true when you arrive home for the evening and are bogged down by a cluttered home that is need of cleaning and organizing to make space to breathe. It’s pretty obvious how an over-cluttered home can cause a negative effect on your plans to lose weight and get healthy. Reduce clutter and put your home on a diet and watch the scale shift as you clean house.


Maintaining Organized Home = Maintaining Target Weight

There is a direct correlation between maintaining a home that is clean, cozy and clutter free and maintaining your target weight. Starting any journey to lose weight should start with a clean slate, and that includes a clean home.

A weight loss journey isn’t simply focused around shedding extra pounds. It is about a healthy lifestyle that sheds unwanted habits like junk food, fast food, and high-sugar drinks.

Organizing and reducing clutter in your physical space will give you a jump start to organizing your mental space, kicking off your weight loss. By the way, I also have an awesome wellness to weight loss program for women called Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants. Get the details below!



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Clutter Creates Stress 

It’s no secret that having clutter in your home brings stress right along with it. No one gets a good reaction when they have to wade through an overstuffed closet or a garage packed with boxes that haven’t been touched in a decade.

With all the stress going on, shortcuts begin to look very appealing. If you’re a parent, you likely will seek a shortcut for yourself first, as parents tend to focus on putting their family first.

This can also be true of most people with a full-time job. The first things to go are usually skipping the workout and not taking the time to properly plan your own meals. An organized home fuels an organized life, helping you shed stress and those unwanted pounds with ease.



Overweight woman on a scale looking a little annoyed and surprised at the number on the scale. Text How Reducing Clutter Helps You to Lose Weight


How Does Reducing Clutter Improve Diet and Exercise Habits?

By now, I’ve convinced you that having an organized home is good for your physical and mental health. But you might not know how that will actually make it easier to stay motivated to choose healthy food and exercise. Here are some different ways that reducing your clutter in your living space can actually help you to stick to a good workout routine and even eat a healthier diet.



Reducing Clutter Saves Time

For starters, having an organized home free of clutter can free up some time that you can devote to your workout routine. You don’t need to spend as much time tidying up a well-organized home, nor will you ever have to dig through piles of clutter to find what you need when you need it. This saves up more time than you would think, time that you can use to devote to your workout schedule or cooking healthier meals.



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Reducing Clutter Reduces Stress Eating

Clutter=Chaos=Stress. Not only is reducing clutter good for your mental health, but it will also help you stop stress eating. Most people are more likely to reach for unhealthy junk food when feeling stressed. Few things are more stressful in a person’s daily life than having a messy home. Stress eating is a huge factor that will deter your weight loss. If you can reduce it even a little by getting organized it will help your chances to lose weight.



You might be interested in my blog Stress Eating: Why Do I Overeat and How to stop?



Reducing Clutter Puts You in a Healthier Mindset

Do you have trouble sticking to a regular workout schedule? Based on research decluttering and organizing your home might help you with that. A recent study has shown that those who have a definite workout plan and schedule are more apt to stick to their workout routine. It also says you will benefit from having a routine over simply just showing up at the gym whenever it’s the most convenient.

It may sound like this has little to do with keeping an organized home, but hear me out.  Reducing clutter and keeping everything in its place will put you in a healthier mindset. This will make it easier to stick to your workout schedule.


But Where to Start? 

Generally speaking, having an organized home that is relatively free of clutter will improve your physical and mental health. It isn’t guaranteed to keep you eating right and working out regularly, but it will make these things easier.

Have you found it difficult to stick to your New Year’s resolution to get into better shape? Take a look at your home. Getting and keeping things organized might be the motivation you need to get back into the gym.

But where to begin reducing clutter? Start with my free 30-day spring cleaning challenge. I send you daily tips and a task every day in April. Miss a day or take longer to finish? That is ok you will have access to all 30 days once you start. I will also be sending some sweet freebie bonuses your way too just to make things easier. Join here or by clicking the red button below.



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