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Journey in Wellness to Weightloss
Holistic Healing from the Inside Out

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Welcome to Mastering Mom Chaos

Hi, my name is Shannah Holt and I’m a mom of a large family (8 kids, 8 furbabies, and 9 grandkids).  I’m on a mission to live life to the fullest without the feeling of guilt, stress, and OVERWHELM!! My mission is to provide you with the simple solutions to master the chaos of mom-life and most of all self-care.

I am here to encourage, motivate, support, and push you to fulfill your BIG DREAMS!
That is different for everyone though right? This may be in health, wellness, weight loss, parenting, or living more than paycheck to paycheck.

I’m The Girl You Need If You Want To….
  • Figure out how to prioritize yourself, without feeling selfish this means better sleep, more energy, and being well.
  • Reprioritize – Stop obsessing about finances, chores, etc and start focusing on what’s really important-family.
  • Master your mindset – surround yourself with more go-getter, and positive people. 
  • Set some new goals for yourself – Create your passions that you’ve been putting off into profits.
  • Stop living a “Groundhog Day” and start living  BIG! 


But right now you…

  • Feel overwhelmed and don’t ever start because of all the obligations you have trying to be Super-Mom.
  • Are worn out and putting yourself last.
  • Feel like you can’t add one more thing to your time-consuming plate, but still go to bed not “seeing” what you got done.
  • Are irritable and CAN’T STOP thinking about your to-do lists, none of which include any of your passions.
  • Want to lose weight and feel good once and for all!

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Your Life Shouldn't Just Be a List of To Do's

It Should Be Something You Love