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About Me

Hey there momma!

I see you over there taking care of everyone else but struggling to find time to take care of yourself. Want to know how I recognize it?? Because I used to be like that too until I developed some better habits! And I want to help you find that time for yourself.

Let’s not sugarcoat anything here. Raising kiddos is a TOUGH JOB! We never seem to know if we are doing it right, we spend too much time comparing ourselves to each other, and we are so busy ALL THE TIME that we just don’t make the time for our own passions.



Welcome To My Chaos (Mom Life that is!)

My mission is to empower stay at home moms (and want-to-be stay at home moms) to master the chaos at home & build a thriving online businesses for both financial freedom and sanity.

Yes I realize I that may sound like crazy talk. I too once thought that!

The balancing act is a struggle, but the rewards are great and make it all worth it! And the cool thing I’m with you in the trenches.

This is a place where you can find not only resources and information to help you start that business, but also community and support around mastering your own mom chaos.

  • I believe that small steps over time make a big difference.
  • I’m all about persistence, and celebrating the small wins along with the big ones.
  • I believe anything is possible.
  • I believe success is achieved by consistent action (whether it is one step forward or two steps back).

What brought me here? 

I was a teacher and mom of 8 kids. At one point child care costed more than what I was getting paid and I really didn’t want to leave my newborn and go back to work. So I decided to stay at home and started homeschooling as well.

Money was tight! I found odd jobs… I tutored, babysat, sold books, and even Avon, but none of it made a big impact on our finances and I although I loved my kids I craved more adult interaction!

In the quest for better health, I found both a way to feed our finances and friendships.




5 Random, but somewhat interesting things about me:

  • I was an Extreme Couponer and even still have things in “stock” from 3 years ago.
  • I’ve lived in 13 states and I’m not military.
  • I love to thrift shop because getting great deals fuels my adrenaline. I’ve taught all my kids to spot great deals too!
  • I’m a Cancer survivor.
  • We have just as many pets as kids (8 to be exact).

Whether you are a mom just trying to hold it all together and need some much needed friends that get it, or you are ready to build an incredible future for your family all from the comforts of your own home-I am the mom to help you!


Here are words from a couple of the mom entrepreneurs that I mentor. 






If you have read this far I’m thinking you are ready right now to master your mom chaos. I have a few different options for you.


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Thank you so much for visiting my page. Here’s to our new friendship and I’m excited to connect!