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Spring Cleaning Part 12: Office

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So it is time for some Spring Cleaning in my house. I thought why not share tips and resources I use or find in my quest to finally tackle a household of 6 mess. Have you done any Spring Cleaning in your home yet this year? Today’s Blog topic is all about the Office whether it be your home office like me or the one you have at work. I have to confess I put this last, because my desk area is the worst and I really dread cleaning it. I start then I end up with piles again a few days later. So I really need to find a system that will work for me. The thing is I don’t have a lot of time to put it into place so I need something without a lot of time to design.

As I talked about in Spring Cleaning Part 2: What do I need? I have a sorting system I label GTSM for Giveaway, Trash, Store, or Move. I start every room with that first. When it comes to the desk and office area it is mainly paper clutter I am having to decide if it needs to be saved or thrown away. Not a lot to be given away in this area at least not for me. I might still have some things sitting here that belongs somewhere else though. If you haven’t gotten them yet you can get my free checklists by clicking below.

So the idea that I am going to share with you first is actually what I think is the quickest and easiest way to organize. It is organizing by hanging files. I just personally keep running out of space. I need one of those tall office style filing cabinets, because I really like to break things down into more and more categories especially when one folder becomes too full. Here are great tips on how to do this from

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You can do so much with hanging file folders, besides just papers. Check out these tips from

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One of the biggest issues with paper clutter is usually how it comes into the house. At my house we bring in the mail and the newspaper and it gets laid on the table, then it starts to get piled with more and more. It actually should be dealt with right away so then it won’t be this tall mountain of paperwork to go through. Here are some great tips for that from

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I love love this idea to set up a Family Command Center from

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How many icons do you have on your desktop computer? My guess too many! This next idea blew me away. At she shows you how to organize them in 10 minutes. I will definitely be doing this one!

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Here are 13 more ideas for organizing your desk or office space from

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Do you have any genius office organization tips you would like to share? Please comment below.

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  1. RHk4 says:

    129934 601225Cool post thanks! We think your articles are fantastic and hope much more soon. We adore anything to do with word games/word play. 942817

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Thanks! I don’t have any word games on my site that I know of though. Maybe in the future.