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Plants that Help You Sleep and Stay Asleep!

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Do you suffer from insomnia? Mind racing too much to fall asleep? (I call this ‘Mom’ brain!) Wake up frequently every night AND not fall back to sleep easily! That was me for more years than I can count. I want to tell you about my experience with sleep (or really the lack thereof) and what I found that finally has me sleeping all night long. I want to share with you plants that help you sleep.



Years without sleep…

I’m a mom of a large family. Most of my adult life I felt like I slept like a baby which was not a good thing.  I didn’t sleep more than 2 hours consecutively and never slept more than 6 hours total. I was pregnant, had a newborn, or just too many nights with kids waking me up (and husband snoring).

My sleep was completely all screwed up! I tried multiple OTC medications which made me groggy the next morning, nausea, grouchy, or flat out didn’t work.

I used melatonin for years which is NOT good for your body at all. Melatonin is a hormone your body makes naturally, and through my research, I found out taking a synthetic version is not the route to go.


Seeking help from a doctor…

My doctor suggested Benadryl since I didn’t want any part of a prescription sleep aid. There are over 50 different side effects from those prescription sleep aids and I was not willing to take those risks. I’m a Cancer survivor and I really don’t want to put things in my body that can screw up something else.  I not only took the Benadryl myself but gave it to my kids too since the “doctor” said it was the best without side effects.

Boy was he wrong! Long-term use of Benadryl was found to cause Alzheimer’s among other things. This runs in my family and I really don’t need more reasons to get it. I felt terrible for not just taking it myself, but to have given this to my kids! If you want to read up on more information about all these OTC sleep remedies and what they can cause I added some references at the bottom for you.

Finally real help…

So I saw a friend post this all natural plant-based drink, Solle Renue,  that was helping him sleep at night. I immediately wanted more information. I researched and skeptically purchased a box to try.

Check out my page all about the benefits of Solle Renue Here

The first night I slept 6 hours straight without waking up once! I thought I was imagining things or that it was just the placebo effect, but my husband said no he didn’t see me get up either.

I said ok I will try it again tonight. It worked again…

I ended up trying it all week and just couldn’t believe that I was sleeping soundly all night and not feeling groggy or like crap the next day. I had never had this from trying anything else before. It was so surreal! Check out the short video below on how Solle Renue helps you sleep.



Herbal remedies from the past

Herbal teas and other herbal remedies have been around for a long time to help people sleep better at night. But it is the plants that help you sleep. Plants are what make up the herbal remedies.

There are a few important benefits to using herbal remedies over modern treatments for sleep. They are all natural, non-addictive and do not have the side effects that you will often see with synthetic sedatives prescribed by conventional medicine.

Many different herbs can be used as natural alternatives for insomnia. They can be used on their own or in combination with other natural sleep remedies.

I personally drink my all plant-based sleepy tea (SolleRenue) in warm coconut milk), but it can just be drank in water. I drink it right before bed, but some drink it during the day to calm anxiety.





The specific plants that help you sleep

Ok so let’s talk ingredients. First of all I want you to do your own research on anything you are going to take yourself or give to your family. All supplements are not created equal. Because they don’t have to be tested to be FDA approved they usually only test “in-house” and put their own stamp on it. This isn’t good enough at least not for me or my family.

I want to see an outside testing process to prove that what they say is in there is. There was a company sued not that long ago for their supplement being only sawdust. I also want my supplements to be free of MSG, GMOs, Soy, Dairy, gluten, and absolutely no artificial ingredients.

Mine is actually also free of nuts and is vegan. It is completely plant-based.  Ok so what is in my sleep aid. Here is a downloadable pdf of the image below: Solle Renue Information Sheet



Passion Flower

Passion flower is an effective herb for use in insomnia that is caused by mental worry, overwork, or nervous exhaustion. It relaxes the mind and frees it from anxieties that plague your nighttime hours. This is big today! I don’t know about you, but this mom thinks about everything before she goes to bed! Passion flower is a common ingredient in forty different sedative preparations sold in England.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a commonly used herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been used for centuries to help soothe tension. It has many uses, one of which is to raise serotonin levels, which promotes sleep.

The herb has traditionally been used to help the body support the nervous system, gastrointestinal distress, menstrual cramping, urinary, spasm, and restful sleep. I think if you are having any of these issues you probably aren’t sleeping very well. So I imagine helping them just inevitably helps you sleep.



Yuzu looks like a cross between a grapefruit and a mandarin orange. The fruit originated in China and is still grown in the wild there. Yuzu has been researched to help calm our nervous system and specifically reduces endocrine stress. It also creates a general feeling of mental relaxation. Using both the fruit and the rind will give you a big antioxidant and anti-inflammatory boost as well.




This is a popular sleep aid, usually taken in tea form. You can find it on many grocery store shelves. It contains a substance that mimics GABA in the brain. By turning on GABA receptors, it induces a state of relaxation and helps you feel tired enough to sleep.

Maral Root

Maral Root has been used to support the body’s ability to manage fatigue, recover from illness, and improve mood and depression.


Schizandra helps the body manage a variety of environmental stresses. It helps your body balance hormones which allows it to deal with stress better. Schizandra also helps improve liver function and digestion. It contains a high concentration of antioxidants which allows it to help with inflammation in the body.


Are you sick and tired of being stressed, exhausted, anxious, overweight, in pain, bloated, sleep deprived, and your hormones imbalanced? Take this 2-minute health assessment to see what your body says it needs today!



Motherwort is most commonly known for its useful applications in childbirth. This is due to its tranquilizing properties that are beneficial for the emotions and the body. Many people feel motherwort also helps the body soothe frazzled nerves, relax muscles, as well as healing a sad or lonely heart.

Wood Betony

Wood Betony is highly rated and frequently used to help the body manage mood, liver function, urinary tract support, headache circulation, as well as joint and muscle support.

Now it is your turn…

If you struggle with sleep at all give it a try you won’t regret it! Solle Naturals Renue may just be the combination of plants that help you sleep once and for all too! If you would like to chat more about your needs feel free to send me a message here: Connect with Me!

Here are a few references about over the counter and prescription sleep aids and why you should consider not taking them:

Maybe you have been taking things like Advil PM or Tylenol PM. The PM part of your nighttime pain reliever is diphenhydramine (DPH). This antihistamine has strong anticholinergic activity. Drugs in this class have also been linked to an increased risk for dementia (JAMA Internal Medicine, March, 2015).

Doxylamine in Unisom and Nyquil Not Recommended for Insomnia Treatment

Read This If You Take Melatonin To Sleep At Night

Long Term Side Effects of Benadryl Use


Are you sick and tired of being stressed, exhausted, anxious, overweight, in pain, bloated, sleep deprived, and your hormones imbalanced? Take this 2-minute health assessment to see what your body says it needs today!


15 Responses to Plants that Help You Sleep and Stay Asleep!

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m so glad to have found this! I have a horrible time sleeping. Excellent read!

  2. Chez-rama says:

    I love chamomile and I drink it when I need to get deep sleep. It is really like magic. I need to try other herbs you suggested

  3. I have the worst time sleeping! I take forever to fall asleep and then wake up so much during the night. I am always looking for ways to sleep better!

  4. Kate Findley says:

    I forwarded your post to my boyfriend who suffers from insomnia. For years, doctors have prescribed him sleep pills which creates a vicious cycle of dependency. He’s naturally a little skeptical that anything will work at this point, but I’m hoping he decides to try this!

  5. Jeanette says:

    I don’t struggle with sleeping, but I want to bring in plants in my home to get a fresh air and because we need more greens in our home 🙂
    I’ve never been a plant lady, but I feel more and more drawn to plants now.

  6. This is awesome! I would love to get a much deeper and good nights rest!

  7. Linda says:

    I really need to check this out and introduce this to a friend who’s been using melatonin for yours. Glad you brought it up! And i’m so glad you can get a better rest now.

  8. Abbey Horner says:

    Very informative. Benadryl also dries out your sinuses and, in the winter, makes things so much worse. I’ve also used hops which works very well.

  9. Mommy Levy says:

    I believe in chamomile scent to help in sleeping. i haven’t tried the others though.

  10. Maria says:

    Really interesting! I know that if I don’t get rest, I am not the same person. Great tips!

  11. Kim says:

    Never heard of it! I don’t struggle at the moment but will share the info with some people I know

  12. Lisa says:

    Very interesting. I wasn’t aware of all the herbs that aid in sleeping. I’ve only heard of chamomile. Some of these could probably really help me.

  13. Aika says:

    I’m so glad I’ve found this! I have a hard time sleeping these past few days, making me feel less energized and sleepy in the morning, especially during work hours. I would give some of these plants a try and get a good night’s sleep.

  14. Have indeed been looking into how I can get aid in sleep the natural way. Thank you for this article on what are the plants that can help in our sleep keep us asleep. Thank you for posting this.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      You are very welcome hope you get some great sleep from trying them out.