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Nutrition for Weight Loss Eating Vegetables the Easy Way

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How many vegetables do you eat? Can you count them on one hand? Whether it is the taste, texture, or some memory from childhood that holds you or your family back from eating vegetables it is recommended to fill half your plate of them per day for  healthy nutrition. Most days I eat between 8-9 servings of veggies. I have found many quick and easy ways of eating vegetables that have worked well in my family.  When you are looking at nutrition for weight loss getting in more vegetables is important so hopefully some of these tips help yofruu as well.


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Eating Vegetables 4 Easy Ways

Raw Vegetables

I try to eat raw vegetables every day. There are added benefits to eating them raw compared to cooked. I personally dip them in salsa now with just a 1/2 tsp of Greek ranch, but there are many things you can use as dip.

Raw vegetables are super easy to grab and eat if you do a little prep ahead of time. On the weekends I cut up a whole cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, and zucchini for the week ahead.

I soak them in 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water. I let them soak for about 15 minutes, and dry them really really well. Then I put each into their own vegetable storage container and cover with paper towels and the lid before putting in the fridge. I do use Rubbermaid Produce Saver Food Storage Container  that I have found keep them the longest which for me is about a week. Here is a picture of them along with my link to them on Amazon. 


Produce Saver Food Storage Containers make it so easy to eat vegetables every day.

Rubbermaid Produce Saver Food Storage Containers 

 Each morning when I am preparing my breakfast I make my container for the day with the salsa inside so that I can have for a snack even if on the go. It helps to have them so I don’t grab chips or crackers instead. I also have a couple healthier dipping options in my recipes. Below is a video of me sharing that tip on Facebook.




Salads are also a super easy way to eat raw vegetables. Just throw them all together and eat. You can keep them in the above container or in mason jars for the week ahead. You can cut up all the items ahead of time over the weekends or buy already prepared bags and dump them in your plate.

Just keep in mind the bagged ones will cost you more money. It is the cost of added convenience. I have found them on sale at times though. Here is a page full of salads to check out if you are looking for new and different ways to have salad. There are almost enough to eat a different one for every day for 3 months.


An Easy Way to Eating Vegetables is to make a salad in a jar ready to grab and go on a busy day.

Salad Recipes



Typically canned soups have quite a bit of sodium and preservatives to keep them from spoiling so if you can I would advise making your own. It can be as easy as adding ingredients to some vegetable or chicken stock or going with a recipe.

You can add more vegetables then the recipe calls for or use what you have on hand. Soups are pretty versatile like salads are. I’ve even taken salads we made for dinner and added frozen spinach to beef up the vegetables for me.

You can have soup for lunch, dinner, snack, or even before you have dinner as an appetizer. I have over 20 different soup recipes here on my site that would help you in eating vegetables. Check them out with the link below.


Soup Recipes



Shakes and Smoothies

Another easy way of eating vegetables daily is by adding them to shakes and smoothies. There are many vegetables that have barely any kind of taste or are hidden with the taste of other things.

I have found spinach to be one that works really well in my daily shake I have for lunch. It is a healthy meal or snack replacement and is super nutritious. You can check it out here.

I’m pretty picky about the supplements and shakes I put in my body since I’m a cancer survivor. I’m scared to death it will come back. So I have to make sure they are pure and plant-based.

There are so many things out there too so if you would like a recommendation let me know I would be happy to help!  I personally have chocolate and add peanut butter, almond milk, frozen banana and spinach, but there are many other combinations and flavors you can try. Just start with one and keep adding until you have changed the taste too much.


11 Easy Ways to Eat Vegetables


7 More Easy Ways for Eating Vegetables

  1. Try 1 new vegetable per week. When you have made your rounds with all that you will try circle back and try one cooked in a different way. There is a different taste between a raw carrot and a roasted carrot. Many vegetables will taste different when cooked differently.
  2. Put vegetables at eye level in the fridge and on your shelves. Make them readily accessible instead of behind things. Having them washed and prepared as I mentioned earlier really helps too.
  3. Buy Frozen since usually, they are ready in 6 minutes or less and pretty economical to give a try.
  4. Try adding them to your water. I know this may sound weird, but I’ve seen many people have cucumbers in their water. I did a series on How to Drink More Water and had one blog on Enhancers and Infusers you should check out for ideas. Check it out here: Enhancing and Infusing .
  5. Eat your vegetables first. When you are hungry you tend to be ok with eating things that are not your favorite so eat them and save your favorite part of the meal for last.
  6. Eat a small bite of vegetables while eating something you really enjoy. Try dipping a carrot or green bean in your mashed potatoes or wrapping asparagus in bacon (yes really).
  7. Make kabobs and grill-doesn’t everything taste better outside on the grill? So why not try eating vegetables this way too!

Maybe you get in your servings each day, but your kids shy away from eating vegetables.  Allow kids to pick out a vegetable each week to try. Let them help clean, cut, and prepare them. Most importantly always offer them at each meal and let them see you eating them.

Tomorrow I will be sharing some unique and sneaky ways to get in your vegetables. What is your favorite way of eating vegetables?


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Here is the recording of the live video version of this blog I did on Facebook:

Nutrition for Weight Loss Eating More Vegetables the Easy Way


30 Responses to Nutrition for Weight Loss Eating Vegetables the Easy Way

  1. I love eating vegetables in salads! So easy and fresh. My favorite are those with feta or avocado, so fresh leaves, bell pepper, cucumber, small cherry tomatoes. In the end I just sprinkle some olive oil or lemon juice and add crushed walnuts. Healthy and delicious side dish or lunch!
    Oh and smoothies are great, too, but I find making salads much easier.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      That is awesome sounds like a fantastic salad!

  2. All great ideas. I like vegetables, but I have to admit that I often go for the easy crackers or chips instead.
    For the kids, I have discovered that some of them love the mini cucumbers, they eat them like apples. Easy and healthy.

    Karen |

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      That is great about the cucumbers! If you can prepare some veggies ahead of time they can be as quick and easy as grabbing crackers or chips.

  3. Brittany says:

    These are all great tips! I struggle getting my daughter to eat veggies so I sneak them into her smoothies too! 🙂

  4. Huda says:

    I definitely need to be more adventurous with my food especially vegetables! This was an inspiring post 🙂

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Thank you! Good luck!

  5. I’m working on eating more veggies to help fill me up to swap out for meals. It’s so hard to lose weight as you get older. I know raw are better and helps with enzymes too over cooked vegeys.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Yes it is, but filling up with veggies will help you to feel fuller.

  6. I absolutely love eating salads! I put as many vegetables in it as I can including cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and spinach. My 3-year-old loves eating them too. Salads are a delicious way to increase your intake of vegetables! Great article!

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Oh that is great! When they eat veggies from an early age it makes such a difference!

  7. Ray says:

    this is really helpful as someone who doesn’t eat enough veg in the day ?

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Hope these tips will change that!

  8. Katie says:

    I never thought to eat veggies with salsa before, what a great idea! I love raw vegetables, but my problem is I don’t prep. I need to start prepping at the beginning of the week and get and start being healthier today!

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Once you get into a routine it will feel great having them all prepped and ready to go for the week. Good luck!

  9. Cynthia says:

    These are great tips for eating the vegetables. I especially like number one. I’ve never tried dipping my veggies in salsa. I love salsa. May have to try this. Thanks

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Let me know what you think!

  10. Karina says:

    I always find it easier to eat vegetables when they’re mixed with something I really like! But I’m definitely guilty of eating the same vegetables over and over again. Also, it’s a great idea to eat vegetables first – it really helps fill up with healthy food before diving into the rest.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Yes, me too! I love stir fries they are the easiest way for me to get in a lot of veggies.

  11. Shannon says:

    Oh, I love eating veggies! There arent many that I will eat raw, unfortunately. But I do love a salad packed with broccoli. And I really get your point about cooking them different ways. It can totally change the way they taste! My favorites are stir fry or roasting!

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      I love stir fry too my favorite way to have veggies!

  12. Karletta says:

    Great tips for eating more vege. There were two ideas I especially loved that I will be introducing to my daily habits. One was the raw vegetable container with a salsa dip. What a great idea to help with that feeling when you want to snack. I also loved your idea about making the vege at eye level … sometimes my vege gets a little lost in the lower drawer – this will be a great change for me. Thank you.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Awesome! Hope you have great success with those ideas!

  13. I love your tip to put them eye level. I am trying so hard to replace our junk food with healthy foods.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Hope it works out for you!

  14. Pamela says:

    I love these ideas. My husband and I have been trying to eat better but it is hard to get the veggies in if you dont prepare them in advance. I’m definitely going to take your advice and start prepping some on the weekends to make grab and go snacks.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Thank you! Yes, it does make it so much easier!

  15. Kay says:

    A great post on eating vegetables. The food prep on raw vegetables is a great idea, especially having them on the go daily! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Your welcome hope they help you get more veggies in each day.