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Spring Cleaning Part 6: Bedrooms

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I need to get my house cleaned and in order, because we will be moving in the near future and I don’t want to take a bunch of junk with me this time! So it is time for some Spring Cleaning in my house. I thought why not share tips and resources I use or find in my quest to finally tackle a household of 6 mess. Have you done any Spring Cleaning in your home yet this year? Today’s Blog topic is all about the Bedroom.


As I talked about in Spring Cleaning Part 2: What do I need? I have a sorting system I label GTSM for Giveaway, Trash, Store, or Move. I start every room with that first. I go through to find any broken items, can’t fit, or  I no longer want or need to giveaway or trash. Anything that doesn’t belong in that room I decide if it needs to be moved or stored somewhere else. Then I start on the cleaning of all these areas from top to bottom. You can get my free checklists by clicking below.


How about starting with the bed? I’m going to want to wash all the bedding including the pillows. Here are some tips from Clean My Space for when you should toss and when you should clean your pillows along with tips on cleaning them as well.

Image from Clean My Space

 Of course washing the sheets, comforter, and pillows are a necessity, but how long has it been since you cleaned the mattress? Let me think hmm…..Never? That is me anyway. I had never thought to actually clean the mattress. Here is a easy and efficient way to clean the mattress from Consumer Reports (just click on the link)

Image from Consumer

Do you have a system for your clothes that works? You know like more than this pile here and this pile there? Buzzfeed has collect over 50 fantastic ways to organize clothes that will sure to get those piles gone! Check them out here: 51 Ways to Organize Your Clothes

Image by Buzzfeed

If you organize your clothes you will love these tips on organizing your whole bedroom  frugally from

Image from

Do you have a small bedroom and never enough space to store everything? I love love love this next thing I found to turn the space under your bed into drawers or storage space I found on

Image from

Do you need all natural cleaning supply recipes? Check out the ones I use along with ideas on other tools to use while spring cleaning in Part 3 Here

I have a FREE 14 Day Spring Lean & Clean group starting on April 17th to share more tips, support, accountability for getting the house cleaned and your workout in each day. Join below so you can get early access today!