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Spring Cleaning Part 4: Kitchen

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HI need to get my house cleaned and in order, because we will be moving in the near future and I don’t want to take a bunch of junk with me this time! So it is time for some Spring Cleaning in my house. I thought why not share tips and resources I use or find in my quest to finally tackle a household of 6. Have you done any Spring Cleaning in your home yet this year? Today I’m back with part 4 in my Spring Cleaning series and it is all about the kitchen.

Here is a video version of this blog in case you would rather watch instead of reading.



In my Free Spring Cleaning checklist I broke down the kitchen into 2 different areas to work on, because I don’t know about you but the kitchen is the most used room in my whole house and tends to get dirtiest the fastest. So I divided the kitchen into Inner and Outer.

I start with the inner first and what I mean by inner is everything that is behind a door like the cabinets, the inside of the oven, dishwasher, microwave, drawers, and fridge & other food storage areas like pantry and freezer. Then I would go with outer and this would include the tops of counters, cabinets, walls, clutter laying around the kitchen, the floors, and baseboards.

As I talked about in Spring Cleaning Part 2: What do I need? I have a sorting system I label GTSM for Giveaway, Trash, Store, or Move. I start every room with that first. I go through to find any broken or unusable dishes, utensils in the cabinets to giveaway or trash. Anything that doesn’t belong I decide if it needs to be moved or stored somewhere else. Then I start on the cleaning of all these areas from top to bottom. You can get my free checklists by clicking Here  or the picture below.

Now I want to share some hacks and tips I found around the internet and Pinterest to give you lots of ideas for cleaning  and organizing the kitchen. I will just give you a little summary from each one I found, but  you will want to check out my blog where it will have all the links to try them out yourself.

Picture by Molly Maid

I love the invention of the dishwasher! Occasionally I have had to hand wash for a couple days and it is not a task I enjoy that is for sure! I personally loathe washing dishes the most. The dishwasher needs a yearly cleaning and sometimes more often than that! Think about all the nasty that goes into it! Molly Maid’s has some really nice tips on getting it cleaned out. I especially like the idea using Tang or lemonade to clean out the dishwasher. There might be a use after all for those free packets I got from Couponing.  Check it out here: How to Clean a Dishwasher

Image from

Another nasty one is the stove! Here at cleaning tuturials there are some tricks on getting all the greasy grime cleaned inside and outside your stove without scrubbing. Check it out here:  How to clean your stove burners without scrubbing

Image from

In case you have a glass stovetop you can check out MyThirtySpot for an easy way to get it clean here: How to Get Your Glass Stovetop Sparkling Clean in Minutes

Image from Serena Bakes Simply from Scratch

Let’s not forget the stove’s hood vent area to clean including the filter. Here is an easy way to get it clean from Serena Bakes Simply from Scratch

Image by Debbie Williams at

Good wood cabinets? Debbie shared a great way to get them cleaned here on                  How to Clean Grease From Kitchen Cabinet Doors


Image by

Time to clean out the fridge which for my house would be a couple hour long task in itself! I found great tips on cleaning and organizing the refrigerator here on



Image by

If an organized fridge gets you giddy then you should be over the top with an organized pantry to match right? Or maybe that is just me! Here is a 10 step process of getting it organized here at


Image by Popsugar Smart Living


Do you have stinky odors coming from your garbage disposal? Here is a DIY on making your own Homemade Garbage Disposal Refreshers from Popsugar Smart Living


Image from

After all this cleaning it would be really nice to have some organization to your kitchen right? I found some great ideas (23 of them!) for that at




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And if that wasn’t enough organization for you I found some really unique frugal organizational tips for the kitchen at



Image by 365ish Days of Pinterest


Finally to the floors. I typically just use Fabuloso or Mr. Clean on my floors, but I wanted to provide you another option where you can make it at home. Here is a great cleaner for tile flooring from 365ish Days of Pinterest


Well that is a wrap on the kitchen. Do you have some kitchen cleaning or organization hacks you would like to share? Please leave in the comments below to share with my readers (and me I love more new ideas!).

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