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Spring Cleaning Part 10: 40+ Tips for On the Go Car & Purse

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So it is time for some Spring Cleaning in my house. I thought why not share tips and resources I use or find in my quest to finally tackle a household of 6 mess. Have you done any Spring Cleaning in your home yet this year? Today’s Blog topic is all about on the go and cleaning our your car and purse.

So the same things goes as every room in our house we need to get rid of the clutter and the trash first. If you don’t need it or want it give it away, throw it in the trash, or put it where it belongs.

As I talked about in Spring Cleaning Part 2: What do I need? I have a sorting system I label GTSM for Giveaway, Trash, Store, or Move. I start every room with that first. I go through to find any broken items, can’t fit, or  I no longer want or need to giveaway or trash. Anything that doesn’t belong in that room I decide if it needs to be moved or stored somewhere else. Then I start on the cleaning of all these areas from top to bottom. You can get my free checklists by clicking below.

I have a daughter that is a clean freak, I mean like when she comes to visit we all clean before she arrives and she re-cleans it while she is here. No kidding! But, her car remains a mystery to me, because it is a total mess! It looks as if she has lived out of it for a month. Now I’m not saying that our car looks great it could always use a good cleaning after we get the crap out of it that doesn’t belong. So I found some tips for you to clean and organize.

These 12+ genius car cleaning hacks  from One Crazy House use basic things you probably already have around the house like hydrogen peroxide, WD40, and toothpaste among other things to get the job done in less time. Check them out by clicking on the picture or link below:

Image by One Crazy House

Here are 23 more clever ways to get your car clean and organized including the seats and floor collected by Buzzfeed

Image by Buzzfeed

Do you fret over getting your car windows clean without being all smeared up where you can’t see? Some really great ideas on how to clean your car windows from

                                                  Image from

I found this great idea to not only unload my purse of things I carry around for “just in case” and having it in the car uncluttered. It is to make a cute car kit from Pink Polka Creations Click on the link to see the list of stuff she put in it.

Image from Pink Polka Creations

My purse gets so crazy full and heavy and needs be dumped once a month, but I usually carry it around until my shoulder is aching before I get it done. I found some great tips from heyletsmakestuff on lightening the purse load. Check them out with the link below.

Image from  heyletsmakestuff

I personally like to organize my purse with a purse organizer so that I can just pull it out and put it in a new purse easily since I like to switch purses often. I got mine from Amazon for less than $10 (I think more like $5). Check it out here: Purse organizer

Taking a purse to get it cleaned is not something I’ve ever done. Why pay $20 when you can do it at home? Here a great DIY from Barefoot Adventures.

Image from  Barefoot Adventures

Do you have any tips you would like to share? Comment below!