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Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle Get it Before It’s Gone

Woman going through the over $3100 of laptop lifestyle business bundle items.

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I have another bundle I want to share with you! This one is even Bigger than the      Content Creation Bundle that I shared last week. It is the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle and it runs from Monday, March 18 through Sunday, March 24th. There is over $3100 worth of programs, courses, ebooks, and more you can pick up for a small one time only price (only $27).


Limited Time! Looking to build a successful laptop lifestyle business? Check out the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bunde with over $3100 worth of courses, ebooks, workshops, programs, and more for only $27. Everything from Sales copy, email marketing, to social media. There is something for everyone!


What is the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle?

First, let me tell you a little about the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle. It is a collaboration event with only the members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity. There are over 200 members in the “Club” and we are at varying stages of our business. Some are six-figure marketers and others are just getting started. We network, collaborate, and help support each other side by side while running our own businesses. I talk a little more about how to Network to dramatically 10X your business in my blog here be sure to click on it to read more: Network: How to 10X Your Blog’s Success

One thing though is that we each have something we know well. So when we join together for an event like the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle we each contribute a full product that we have put our heart and soul into. It isn’t something we give away for free. It is something we charge for.

What all is included in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle? 

Here’s a video going over more details too:


zoom_0 from Angela on Vimeo.




Digital Product Creation 101 ($97)

Expert Editing with WordPress 5.0 ($100)

How To Define Your Ideal Customer ($37)

Leadership With Authority Quick Course ($47)

How To Build A Money Making Email List ($97)

Creative Repurposing Too! ($47)

Easy Email Marketing ($67)

Content Into Cash Live! ($247)



Really Simple Sales Copy ($99)

6 Weeks To Your Next 10 Clients ($297)

Self-Care For Profits ($199)

Sell Like A Saint ($47)

Creating Your Ideal Audience Avatar ($12.95)

Fill Up Your Audience With Snackable Content ($97)

Graphic Creations Like The Pros ($27)

5 Day Hidden Niche Challenge  ($15.97)

Brilliantly Brave Confidence Building Workshop ($197)

Content Creation Set ($35)

From Shame To Confidence ($67)

Using Pinterest To Promote Blog Posts ($27)

Implement Your PLR Workshop Plus Gift Cards for DFY products ($97)

How To Get Your Children To Cooperate & Complete Chores ($47)

30in30 Mighty Marketing Challenge ($147)

Useful Resources for Reluctant Marketers Webinar ($47)

Mindset Month ($97)

Your Body Is On Your Side Group Program $197)



Discover Who You Are Journal ($17)

Mandala Grief Coloring Journal & Booklet ($32)

My Household Budget Journal ($19.95)

Business Financial Planner ($27)

42 Fun Ways to Use PLR Planner ($37)



“You Can Work From Home as a VA” Guide ($8.99)

Chakra Bundle ($47)

Mindful Meditation E-book ($27)

Step-By-Step Business Action Plans ($90)

Creating Lead Magnets That Work ($27.99)

Personality Profiler Program ($169)

Express Yourself ($27)

Your Personal Core Values Guide ($27)

Alkalize Your Body & Energize Your Life ($47)

Branding For Beginners Ebook, Templates, and more ($111)

Freestyle Series Action Plan and Toolkit ($49.95)

How to Create a 1:1 Coaching Program Planner & Workbook ($97)

Stop Clutter In Its Tracks ($37)

Facebook Marketing Bundle+ Bonuses ($197)

List Building 2019 Training Guide ($47)


Done for You Products/Services

3 months of Done For You Social Media Graphics Club (29.97) From Me! 

Social Media Images Package ($37)

The 90-Day Business Planner PLR Pack ($37)

HomeFreePLR SuperPack with Articles, Images, and Graphics ($27)

List Building Bundle-You Choose ($47)

30 Hands Coloring Sheets with PLR rights ($27)

The April 2019 Social Media Marketing Planner (DFY social media) ($37)

Styled Stock Muse Stock Photography Bundle ($30)


Woman looking at Over $3100 for $27 Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle on her computer.


What Not to do with the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle? 

Ok, you might have gone into complete paralysis over the idea of even ATTEMPTING to download and use all those products.

I would NEVER buy a bundle like this expecting to use or need everything. It’s not possible to consume that much content and be productive in your business.

If there’s something in the bundle, just one thing that you can turn it into a product of your own that you sell and it’s something you don’t just sell one time………but many times, then it’s worth more than just the retail value, right?

Or, maybe you can use the product to create several different things – a set of blog posts, a report, a workbook, for example. That initial cost gets spread out even more.  How many ways can you repurpose one thing?

If there’s something in it, one thing, that can move your business forward and you get it at a lower price than you could get it from the vendor then you will have a great deal!

If you ever find a deal like this when everything fits your business that would be a miracle and a curse because it’s not a good plan to learn learn learn. Even if you love it! 


Learn >>> apply >>> profit…


That is how you do it and you don’t need 17 courses to do that. Just one or maybe a few. Here’s the link to grab it today before it is GONE…

>>Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle<<

So that’s the “how to buy this bundle”. But the why?


Limited Time! Looking to build a successful laptop lifestyle business? Check out the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bunde with over $3100 worth of courses, ebooks, workshops, programs, and more for only $27. Everything from Sales copy, email marketing, to social media. There is something for everyone!


What You Should do with the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle?

Learn ONE THING You’re ready to apply-

The last bundle I got had a few items I could use to learn how to utilize Pinterest to bring more traffic to my website. And that is one thing I had high on my “to do” list. So that bundle was worth it to me just for that ONE THING.

You could have maybe up to three new things to learn and not be overwhelmed. As long as they fit your goals.

I’m also interested in creating more resources around blogging. A bundle I purchased back in August had a bunch of blogging resources. I could tap into theirs and see how they set up their learning outline, what resources they added, formats they used etc.

Do bundle contributor research-

Do you want to participate in bundles in the future? There’s no better way to see what YOU LIKE and what would make sense for YOU to do than to buy a bundle and study the contributors. You can see what they offer and how they set everything up.

Speaking of did you know you can benefit from sales of this bundle right now?
Say what??

Yep, here’s the link to become an affiliate and start earning 60% for every sale of this bundle.

>>Earn 60% as an affiliate for this bundle today!<<

Do email marketing research-

I LOVE email marketing. And not just writing emails, but I also love seeing what other people are emailing their lists. How they follow-up, how they do their funnels, download pages, etc. I don’t have to go to website after website to find this out! A bundle is an easy way to get on a lot of lists and see what they’re up to… take it as examples of what to do (what you like) and what NOT to do (what you don’t like).

Those are a few of MY best reasons to buy a bundle. If one fits for you then you might want to grab the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle at the link below!

Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle << Crazy Good Products for One Low Price


How Do I Get Access to All This? 

You pay the one time $27 and you will immediately get access to a “Download” page. This download page will give you the links to access each individual item in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle. Each person will be delivering it in a different way so you will need to click on each link and follow through the steps provided.

Almost all will be sending you an email with instructions so be sure to put in your email correctly. There will be some that have a login and password to access a course. Some will be direct downloads. And some are live events and workshops that will start in the next few weeks so you may be waiting for those.

How Long Do I Have to Download or Request Access? 

Your product access is through each contributor and so we understand that may take some time to go through all the ones you are sure you want and need to get access to. So we’ve set our coupons, access, offers and our download pages to be available to you until April 30th. You’ll need to get everything you want by then. Once you have access it is yours forever!

Do I have to purchase anything else? 

Nope, not at all! Everything listed on the page is included in the one low price of $27. Some of the links to the products will take you to a shopping cart which you have a coupon code for. It’s listed throughout your download page so you can easily see it.

What will YOU be downloading first? 

I think I will be diving into the sales copy courses first! Let me know in the comments below what you are most excited about downloading first?


Limited Time! Looking to build a successful laptop lifestyle business? Check out the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bunde with over $3100 worth of courses, ebooks, workshops, programs, and more for only $27. Everything from Sales copy, email marketing, to social media. There is something for everyone!

Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle


16 Responses to Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle Get it Before It’s Gone

  1. Geeky Daddy says:

    Sounds like an incredible value! There are a lot of valuable courses and webinars listed there!

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Yes, it is! I hope you were able to find something valuable for yourself in the bundle!

  2. Leanne Wong says:

    This business bundle seems packed with value! Thanks for sharing this info.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      You’re welcome! I hope you got exactly what you were looking for out of the bundle yourself!

  3. Wow, incredible value for the money! I’m probably going to take advantage of this! Thanks so much for sharing

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Yes, it is! What are you most excited about getting from the bundle?

  4. Very nice! This seems like an incredible value. It’s going to help so many people. Thank you for sharing these resources!

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      You’re welcome! Hopefully, you found yourself something in the bundle as well.

  5. Ashley says:

    This sounds wonderful. Is there as last call day so I can share this with a few friends also starting out? I’m very excited to share this.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Yes, the last day is this Sunday, March 24th. Hope all of you find what you need to have a super successful 2019!

  6. What a great looking bundle. I can’t wait to check it out.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      It is! I hope you found something you were looking for in it to catapult your business in 2019!

  7. Elise L Ho says:

    OMG – there is so much value here. That is a huge amount of knowledge being offered for such a small price.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Yes, it is! I hope you are able to pick up some that will help move your business!

  8. Sasha says:

    What an incredible deal! I will definitely be checking this out! 🙂

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Awesome! Hope you find some real gems in there to boost your business!