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Get Subscribers to Your Email List Using Video Platforms

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Another way to grow your list quickly is to post videos to social networks. Each network is different in the types of content that your viewers expect as well as how long your videos can be. I will be sharing with you some video marketing strategies today for different social media platforms to get subscribers.



Facebook Live to Get Subscribers

Facebook Live is one of the best social networks for getting engagement in the form of likes, comments, and messages. It’s also the social network where viewers stay the longest. That means followers are more likely to watch your videos all the way to the end, rather than abandoning them halfway through.

When you start a broadcast (live video) on Facebook, the social network begins letting your friends and followers know that you’re on video. This notification system boosts the number of viewers you get.

Keep in mind Facebook may have a short delay in starting to tell your followers about your video. Then they need time to jump on so you need to engage with those first members to get them to comment and interact to get more viewers live.

There isn’t a set amount of time that is optimal for the duration of a Facebook live just keep your viewers in mind. The video needs to be entertaining or educational. As to the topics think about your interests and the interests of your ideal client.

Want to get more likes, comments, shares? Spend 15-30 minutes liking and commenting on your friend’s posts just before you go live.  The more you interact with your friends, the more your videos (and posts) appear in their newsfeed.

Be sure to have a call to action somewhere in your live video to get subscribers for your email list. This can be in the beginning, middle, or end.



Get Subscribers with Instagram Stories 

While Facebook Live is great for discussions, Instagram Stories are designed to feel a bit more personal. That means they’re perfect for behind-the-scenes moments and quick check-ins.

Keep in mind that Instagram Stories are limited to sixty seconds or less. That makes it easy for you to create a lot of content but it also means you need to keep things brief. If you have a large amount of information to share, try to break it up over the course of several stories.

You will need a big following so that you can add a direct link from your story to your blog or landing page. Otherwise, you will need to direct your viewers to check out your bio. In your Instagram bio you can have a link to get subscribers to your email list.



YouTube Videos to Get Subscribers

When it comes to videos, don’t overlook YouTube videos. YouTube is considered the second most popular search engine in the world. That means you can send a lot of traffic back to your website or blog by simply posting videos to YouTube.

YouTube video content is different from Facebook Live or Instagram Stories. It is usually educational in nature hence the search function.

It’s expected to be more polished and less “off the cuff” than other video sites. For this reason, you’ll want to use YouTube for tutorials, product demos, DIY content, and tips or “hacks” that your audience would find helpful.

Youtube has multiple places you can get subscribers to build your email list. You can put a card in the video itself so that it will link back to your opt-in page. The information section of that video can also have a link back to your page to collect emails. Then, you can also put the information in your Youtube channel about section.


Tips for Getting Subscribers on all Video Platforms

Teach don’t sell!

People naturally want to learn about things, but they want to come up with wanting to buy it on their own. If you start selling on all your videos you will lose your viewers.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you know enough. You only need to be just a step ahead of your viewers.  Learn something new then teach it in a video. This will mean you may need to get over your fears and be vulnerable. Your audience will see themselves in you and will love you for it.

Create an Intriguing and Catchy Subject Line

I don’t know about you, but I’m a busy person. I skim subject lines when reading email, doing google searches and even when deciding to watch a video. I can bet your viewers will be too.

Think of things that will create curiosity. Don’t try to trick them either, make sure the subject line does match the video.

Talk to that one person

When doing a video on your phone (and yes you don’t need any fancy equipment most smartphones are perfect), make sure you look at the lens not at yourself. Eye contact is important in all conversations. If your face distracts you put a sticky note over it.

Pretend like you are talking to someone right in front of you. Use the words you and your instead of saying “one of you” or “many of you” so your viewers feel you are talking to them and only them.

Have a call to action to get subscribers 

In your video, you’ll want to invite your viewers to check out your website. But take it a step further and provide a link. This link should be a landing page with an offer for a free gift with a sign-up option. When visitors fill out the form, they should be automatically added to your email list so you can contact them in the future.

You don’t have to have every video include a link to a freebie, instead, you can invite them to comment below for any questions, or share this with someone that needs to hear it.

Video can be a wonderful way to reach your community and grow your list fast. But before you press record, make sure you have a few content ideas and a landing page prepared. This will make your videos flow much smoother and be a more enjoyable experience for both you and your viewers.

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