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Budget Travel 5 Ways to Save Money on Summer Vacation

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Summer is the time we all look forward to. It’s a time to travel to new places, and relax with family and friends. The expense can add up quickly, however. Here are 5 budget travel tips to save money when you embark on your summer vacation.


1.) Use Discounts Whenever Possible



Why should you pay full price on anything if you don’t have to? When you have decided to go on vacation, keep your eyes open for deals. If you are part of a club such as AAA or Sam’s Club mention it when buying or booking anything. There are more discounts than you might realize, simply because you are a member of one of these associations.

Ask around to see if anyone you know has gotten a discount on your destination, and where they found it. Watch for coupons, and look online. You can often sign up for mailing lists depending on where your destination of choice is, and recipients of the mailing list often get deals that are not available to anyone else. I know when going to amusement parks such as Six Flags you can find discount tickets at the local grocery stores or on the back of a can of soda.


2.) Vacation Close to Home


There is no need to fly to a faraway destination in order to have a great summer vacation. I gave 5 suggested places to check out in the U.S. (last night). See them here in my blog: 6 Summer Vacation Hotspots in the U.S.

Check out what is around you. Whether you have great scenery close to where you live, or exciting amusement parks, staying within the general vicinity can save you a lot of money. Check into season passes which is a great way to save money by being able to go multiple times at usually the cost of 2 trips. You could also consider camping, or renting a hotel room that is in another city within driving distance.


3.) Rent a Hotel Room with a Fridge (Best Budget Travel Tip)



If your travel plans include staying in a hotel, be sure that you rent a room with a fridge. This step alone can save you a significant amount of money. Take a trip to the local grocery store at the beginning of your trip and stock up on all the basics. Having a fridge means that instead of eating every meal in a restaurant, you can easily store easy items for breakfast and lunch there.


Food such as yogurt, cheese, fruit, and vegetables keep well in a fridge. Even if you decide to eat one meal per day at a restaurant, that will be a substantial savings. Besides, you can bring your leftovers home from the restaurant and have somewhere to store them, to use for a later snack. Utilizing a fridge will be the most important budget travel tip of them all and combined with number 4 will really help you to be able to take your family on vacation.



4.) Visit Friends or Relatives


Who says that summer travel has to mean going somewhere you don’t know anyone? If you really want to save money, consider visiting friends or relatives. Since you won’t be spending money on a hotel, you can put it towards places to go and see, or save it up and not spend it at all.


Choose friends or family that you know well and get along with. You don’t want to end up overstaying your welcome at an acquaintance’s home, or have someone offended when you leave their home frequently without them during your stay at their home.


5.) Try an All-Inclusive Vacations



Although looking at all-inclusive resorts may give you sticker shock at first glance, these vacations can often save you money in the long run. Compare the total cost of flight, lodging, food, and other entertainment on another type of vacation and then see how it looks beside the all-inclusive. You may find it is worth your while to find out more about all-inclusive vacation, as you will likely not have to put out any additional money for the rest of the trip.


Going on a summer vacation is exciting! It can also be financially daunting. With a bit of research, however, you can find an affordable summer vacation for your whole family to remember using one or more of these 5 budget travel tips.


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