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Blogmas Giveaway: 26 Free Gifts for Mompreneurs

Christmas festive desk with laptop notebook and stocking all great for being a part of blogmas.

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I am doing something a little different and completely out of my comfort zone this holiday season. I’m participating in a collaboration called Blogmas. It is where some of the laptop lifestyle club members (click on my link and you can join the club for just $1) have come together to share business strategies, life hacks, and more to help you be the most successful you can be this holiday season and into the new year.

What is the Laptop Lifestyle Club? 

It is a community of entrepreneurs from all different niches. There are specialists in social media, email marketing, graphics, tech stuff, and just thought leaders/bloggers (like me). The community is amazing, we have quarterly collaborations, a rockin’ Facebook group, amazing support, and the leader is rock solid for helping us stay on track! Again you can grab a spot in the club for just $1, but I’m not sure how long this will last. So get it here: Laptop Lifestyle Club


Image of a woman holding candy canes with text 26 Free gifts Blogmas giveaway click here to access them all today! Blogmas is a collaboration of amazing resources to help you thrive this holiday season into the new year.


How does this work? 

Each contributor has written a blog post with some kind of free tip, strategy, hack for a variety of subjects. Some of these are for your business, but some are also for your life in general. My blog post is about How to Have a Stress Free Christmas on a Budget sharing 7 ways to save money throughout the holiday season. There is at least one tip anyone can use to help with saving money during the holidays. I hope you will choose to read mine!

Go to this page Blogmas it has a link to each contributor’s blog post. It also has a little bit of information about the blogger, their blog post they are sharing and their freebie they are giving away.

You will click on each blog you are interested in reading more about. The link will take you to their blog and you can grab their freebie while you are there.



Little dog all decked out in holiday attire surrounded by Christmas decor with text 26 Free Gifts to Thrive this Holiday Season.




List of the Blogs with Freebies in the Blogmas

Do You Consider Yourself a Leader?
How to Get Out of Overwhelm When Delegating
Are You Being Left Behind?
Your Personal Stories Are Golden. Use Them.
Bookkeeping… Don’t Stress About It
Achieve Your Goals Through Journaling
Setting Goals For Success: 5 Tips
Stress Free Christmas on a Budget (Mine)
10 Ways to Combat Writer’s Block
Blogging 101: How to Start a Business Blog
Turning Your Content Into Products
5x Your Online Visibility, Engagement & Sales
3 Essential Strategies to Avoid Overspending During the Holidays
5 eBook Ideas to Write and Make Passive Income
Eco-Friendly Toys You Can Buy This Christmas
How to Plan the Perfect Lead Magnet
3 Ways to Take Ownership of Your Goals
How to Create Connection Through Your Content
Tips for Happier Holidays
5 Ways to Creatively Repurpose Coloring Images & Journal Templates
Easy Steps to Website Maintenance for WordPress Website Owners
Christmas Gift Guide from the Breakfast Chef
The Key to Engaging Membership Sites
8 Reasons You Need to Create a Buyer Persona
Healthy Gut – Stronger Immune System
10 Types of Blog Post to End (or Begin) The Year With a Bang

A chance to Win a Free Year in the Laptop Lifestyle Community

The leader of the community is also giving away a Digital Marketer’s Planner. With that free download, you are also entering a chance to win a free year in our Laptop Lifestyle community. So don’t forget to take that too!

What do you think?

Go check it out with the link below and let me know which is your favorite free resource in the comments below!

Image of a woman holding candy canes with text 26 Free gifts Blogmas giveaway click here to access them all today! Blogmas is a collaboration of amazing resources to help you thrive this holiday season into the new year.

Assortment of Christmas ornaments with text box 26 free gifts to crush your holiday season


Christmas present with text above 26+ Free gifts from laptop lifestyle entrepreneurs


Woman in grey sweater holding candy canes text under 26 free gifts blogmas giveaway

Kitten surrounded by a Christmas holiday setting with text above 26 free gifts to reach your goals this holiday season

7 Responses to Blogmas Giveaway: 26 Free Gifts for Mompreneurs

  1. Mallory says:

    The Blogmas idea is really great. Thanks for listing out the other post topics too so I can see what interests me. I appreciate it.

  2. How great! I love FREE, I mean who doesn’t! I will have to check out these blogs!

  3. Leanne says:

    Blogmas sound like a great platform for collaboration and learning together. Thanks for listing out the list of blog posts with freebies too, really helpful.

  4. Nilakshi says:

    Who doesn’t love freebies? These are great! My favorite free resource is from Setting Goals for Success: 5 Tips

  5. Kerri Wigle says:

    This is honestly the BEST idea!!

  6. Mommy Levy says:

    this is a nice way to link exchange between bloggers and it helps the readers to get some ideas for this holiday season.

  7. nicole says:

    this sounds like a fun way to engage readers and bloggers while keeping with the holiday spirit. FUN!