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Saving Money on Groceries Part 3 Price Matching

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This is my Part 3 in a series of tips I have on saving money on groceries that even a very beginner can master this month. Whether or not you are trying to eat healthier,  feed your family more nutritious meals, or just get that paycheck to stretch until the next paycheck we could all save a little money on groceries. My hope that after you have learned and implemented my tips into your grocery shopping plan you will not think that eating healthy is too expensive and will be able to feed your family more nutritious meals at less than the cost of what you have in the past.

I’ve found that groceries can be a HUGE chunk out of your family’s monthly income, but with a few strategies up your sleeve you can greatly reduce that monthly cost.

In case this is the first time you have came to my blog my name is Shannah Holt and I’m a mom of 8 kids (and 8 furbabies; we had 9 up until a few months ago and unfortunately lost one). I’m also a SAHM that has homeschooled for about 15 years now, so living on one income and sometimes less than that with a large family I’ve had to learn the hard way how to stretch that paycheck to survive. I just want to share my tips so you don’t have to go through as much struggle as I have.

The video explains this tip really good so it would be better if you can just watch, but I will include the main points below.



-Take a look at your local grocery and department store ads. You can access them with your local newspaper, delivered to your mailbox, online at each store’s website, or you can go out to each store and pick them up.

-Go through and take notes of what items are at a low price at what store. Make a list for each individual store. (No you will not have to travel to all of them).

-Go to Walmart or Target (must go to the service desk to check out at Target) and price match the items for that other store’s price at Walmart. This means you will go pick that item(s) that was advertised on sale at another store making sure it matches the correct size and take it to the register and show the cashier the ad with that advertised item. They will then change the amount in the register to match it. BAM you will be checking out at one store but getting all the sales from other stores that week!

-Walmart will price match the Great Value (their store brand) for another store brand’s product.

-Walmart will match another store’s “coupon” or “digital” price as well but must show the price in the coupon rather than a $1 off amount.

-Target will match online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well but you must show them the item is at that price on your phone.

-Walmart does offer the Savings Catcher which you will have to enter your receipt information online and they find the local sales for you and in return give you a rebate, but I have found it to be as accurate as doing it myself and you have to save a certain amount before getting paid out a gift card.

-I’m aware that Walmart did stop allowing price matching in about 500 stores last year so check with your local store.




This tip takes a little time to get used to doing, but it will give you HUGE payoff the more often you do it. Now go out and start saving money!