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How to Eat More Vegetables Part 1: Benefits to Eating Your Veggies

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Do you have trouble eating vegetables? Many people just don’t like the taste while others eat them but probably not enough.  Did you know that gorillas eat half their body weight in vegetables each day? Gorillas are said to have a digestive system that closely resembles ours. So today starts my new blogging series on How to Eat More Vegetables Part 1: Benefits to Eating Your Veggies.

It is well broadcasted that vegetables help to reduce the risks of diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, but they benefit our body in many ways. Here is a list I have compiled for you.

 Benefits to Eating Your Veggies

  1. Improves digestion by helping to flush out waste and irritants, preventing constipation, cramps, and bloating. Let me put this in an easy way to understand it. The fiber in the vegetables will latch itself onto other things you eat like sticky tape and push it out of your body. When you are eating really well and then you go out to eat and eat some crappy foods you will notice the next day or two when you are eating all your vegetables again that a lot that food is making its way out faster than you feel like it should, but it is actually a good thing getting it out.
  2. Delays skin aging, preventing flare ups, and gives you a glowing complexion. Did you know vegetables are a natural sunscreen for your skin?
  3. Weight loss and maintenance because the added fiber and water content fill you up on less calories. You will feel fuller while eating more food.
  4. Boosts your immune system. Vegetables provide so many different antioxidants and nutrients that not just helps to create new cells, but goes to battle in your body to save the ones that are damaged. This helps you to keep from getting sick. Be sure to check out my weekly Friday Food Fact blog where I share all the benefits of different Superfoods with tips on purchasing, storing,and making.
  5. Vegetables reduce stress, inflammation, and boost energy. These same nutrients that are boosting your immune system also help to calm your blood vessels, lower your blood pressure, and stabilize your sugar levels while you are under stress. With no drop in blood sugar it prevents a dip in your energy.
  6. Vegetables help build stronger bones. Most people think  milk is what they need to keep bones from getting weak, but many vegetables also have high Vitamin D content.
  7. Vegetables help to lower cholesterol levels.
  8. Vegetables help to reduce the risk of birth defects during pregnancy.
  9. Vegetables add a variety of tastes, and textures to your plate so you don’t get bored with the same food.

Did you know all this about vegetables? No wonder we have been told to eat our vegetables for years right? Over the next 2 days I will be covering different ways to get in more vegetables including super easy to sneaky ways.