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How to Get More Energy Part 6: 10 Bonus Tips

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This is part 6 in the the How to Get more Energy series. I wanted to wrap up the series with some 10 Bonus Tips. These last tips are kind of all over the place.

And I actually forgot two after publishing this blog. My mind is all over the place the past few days. So I decided I would just tell you about them first.

Breakfast how many people skip breakfast or think a cup of coffee will be enough to get you to lunch? I bet many right? Have you ever thought about what the word breakfast means? It means you are breaking a fast. You haven’t had anything to eat for hours! Food is what gives your body energy. You need to eat! It doesn’t have to be huge, nor should it be a carb overload like I talked about yesterday in Food for energy. Bagels, muffins, and other pastries is not what you want to eat if you want to sustain until lunch. I personally have eggs with raw veggies every morning for breakfast.

The other thing I personally use to give me a boost of energy is music. When I wake up with low energy or just feeling down I turn on my ipod playlist with upbeat music. I typically dance a little before my workout, but some days I start earlier than that and play music while I’m making my water and feeding the cats.


#1 Water

Stay hydrated, because dehydration actually causes lack of energy. Did you know that you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day? If you are exercising or in extreme heat you should be drinking more than that. Besides drinking the water you can eat more vegetables and fruits to help you get in more hydration. Water is super important when you first wake up too! You have been without water for hours so water is what I get first thing in the morning.

#2 Sleep

It is suggested you get at least 6 hours of sleep, so if you are getting less than that you are bound to be dragging in energy the rest of the day. I will be talking more about sleep in my series on How to get more sleep so stay tuned for tons of ideas in the sleep department coming soon!

#3 Sit up Straight

Poor posture strains your muscles which creates fatigue in your body.  If you are sitting in a desk chair most of the day try one of those supportive pillows to remind you to sit up.

#4 Smells

The smell of peppermint, cinnamon, or citrus has been found to wake you up. You can use essential oils, food, candles, or sprays just make sure it isn’t filled with a bunch of other chemicals.

#5 Shower or splash of water

Taking a shower, splashing your face with cold water, or just putting a cold wash rag on your face will help to revive your energy.

#6 Get some sun

Sunlight triggers your brain to release serotonin that helps to boost your mood and energy.

#7 Laugh

Laughing reduces stress and releases those feel good hormones which gives you a boos of energy. If you don’t have time for a thirty minute long tv show, watch some short 5 minute videos on youtube.

#8 Stay away from the news

Watching the news or reading it in the paper will have your mind focusing on depressing thoughts. That will literally suck the energy out of you!

#9 Organize

Create systems in your house to not spend endless hours searching for things. Disorganization is draining on energy. Hang keys in one spot, keep bills in one place, organize or file mail when it enters the house (and just throw the junk mail away immediately).

#10 Be grateful

Thinking about what you are grateful for each morning gives your mind something happy to think about. You can just sit and think about what you are grateful for each day, or spend a few minutes writing it down in a journal. If you write it down you can also spend a few minutes re-reading what you were grateful for yesterday, last week, or last month which is even more of a boost!


I would love to know which one of these do you think will help you the most?