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9 Reasons You Fail at Your Health and Fitness Goals l #1 Lack of confidence to start

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9 Reasons You Fail at Your Health and Fitness Goals l #1 Lack of confidence to start
Do you see people in the gym, or on a video and immediately say to yourself “I can’t do that.”? My guess is many times. I know I did. This is a lack of confidence which is #1 on my 9 Reasons You Fail at Your Health and Fitness Goals. A lack of confidence will prevent you from even starting and you can’t achieve your goals without even starting.

I watched every single episode of every single season of Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight loss. I would feel inspired, and motivated by their stories and watching their journey. I would so want to get started every time I watched, but… I kept telling myself I couldn’t do what they were doing so I always thought I would really never succeed in my weight loss goals, because I didn’t have the confidence to start.


I have issues with vertigo which is a feeling of dizziness in certain situations like being on a treadmill. So I would cringe when I seen the contestants pushed harder and harder until they fell off. So I knew I couldn’t do that.


I have a cyst in my right wrist that the doctor told me they could drain, but would more than likely just come back. So when I put too much strain on my wrist like lifting weights too heavy for too long, or even driving long hours I can barely lift a piece of paper without it feeling like it was breaking. So I knew I would never be able to do push ups for an hour.


I have flat feet and weak ankles so every time I would start to train for 5K’s I would be one week in and would wake up in the morning and could barely walk. I kept getting what is called plantar fasciitis  which is an inflammation in the foot which feels like you are literally walking on glass after sitting or laying for periods of time and then walking around. So I knew I couldn’t ever be a runner.


The thing is there is always a way to modify! When I started over for the last time I went with an at home workout program and it had a modifier on there, but I still couldn’t do most of what she was doing.  I had to search on youtube, or in books and figure out how I could modify so I would still get benefit. I kept progressing and doing it a little less modified each week. This gave me more and more confidence that I could achieve my health and fitness goals and it can for you too, but you have to start!


This is why I try to share so many modifications on my page, because that was a huge struggle for me to get started.  I actually video almost every one of my workouts so that I can share modifications with my clients if they need them. My family thinks I’m crazy and will slowly come through the room to see if I’m recording since they don’t want to be caught in the video.

What can you start with today?