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Couponing Basics to Extreme Part 4: Where to get Coupons?

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This is Part 4 in a series on Couponing Basics that even a very beginner can master this month. Today’s topic is where to get coupons?

Whether or not you are trying to eat healthier,  feed your family more nutritious meals, or just get that paycheck to stretch until the next paycheck we could all save a little money using coupons. My hope is that after you have learned and implemented my tips and resources you will be able to strategically use coupons as a tool in your mom toolbox to save your family money.

In case this is the first time you have came to my blog my name is Shannah Holt and I’m a mom of 8 kids (and 8 furbabies). I’m also a SAHM that has homeschooled for about 15 years now, so living on one income and sometimes less than that with a large family I’ve had to learn the hard way how to stretch that paycheck to survive. I just want to share my tips so you don’t have to go through as much struggle as I have.

Here is a video from a live presentation I did on my Facebook page. I do post tips each day if you would like to check them out or connect with me here is my page: Shannah Scherer Holt


Where to get coupons from?

There are many places to find coupons whether or not you just want to save a little or a lot.

1.) Newspapers-

The Sunday newspaper and a few other weekly newspapers depending on your area will have booklets full of coupons. These booklets are called Inserts. There are 3 main companies that put out these inserts. They are P&G, Smart Source, and Red Plum. There is a weekly schedule for the whole year when and how many of each insert comes out. You can download and print it right here: 2017 Insert Schedule It is also good to know what coupons will be in the upcoming week’s inserts. Here are some good sites to check that out as well: Sunday Coupon Inserts

2.) Magazines

In your magazines there are usually a few depending on the magazine, but you can also find whole booklets of them packaged with a magazine in plastic at your grocery store check out.

3.) Printed out at check out lane

These are called Catalinas. Depending on things you buy a coupon will print out. Most of the time these coupons are from the manufacturer and can be used at any store NOT just the store it printed from. It will say at the top if it is suggested or Required to be used at one specific store. Walmart does not have Catalina machines.

4.) Blinkies, Tearpads, & stickers-

Throughout the store you will occasionally see blinkie machines where you pull out a coupon and then another comes out. My kids used to love getting these for me. (And a way to keep them busy scouting out machines in each aisle as we shop). You can also see displays with tearpads of coupons to take and use on specific products. I think the most popular are the stickers that are placed on products at the store. I just found one on detergent and on cat litter yesterday myself. Just be sure to read the coupon sometimes you have to buy one or more other products to use the coupon.

5.) Apps-

There are a TON of different apps you can use to use digital coupons right there at the store, or even to get a rebate after the purchase. I will be covering a whole day on this later this week.

6.) Store websites-

Check out the stores in your area online. Some offer printable coupons and others let you download the coupon to your preferred customer card. Most of the time the digital ones can only be used once on one item.

7.) Buying Complete Inserts-

Extreme couponers look for multiple coupons on the same product so that they can buy many of that item to stock up . Inserts are free with purchase of a newspaper or magazine, but you can pay a person a fee for collecting and shipping these coupon inserts to you. If you are in the local area of Jonesboro/Paragould, AR I can provide you with a person I got mine from-I even helped her in the deliver. If you are not here are a couple companies that you can order complete inserts from: Insert Insanity or  Whole Coupon Inserts

8.) Clipping Services-

Sometimes there is someone in your own area that does this, but most of the time you have to find someone in another area online to send them to you. They can even get the inserts a day or two before they come out in the Sunday paper. When you know the schedule and what coupon will be in what insert it is a great tool! Some even have clipping services so if you are looking for 20 Pampers coupons you will pay $5 for someone to send them to you already cut out and ready to use. I used to buy select coupons this way on Ebay until Ebay changed the rules and the prices dramatically increased on this service. Here are two reputable clipping services I have used: Wiz Clipz or Klip2save

9.) Printing online-

There are hundred’s of websites if not thousands that offer you free coupons to print including the same 3 companies that produce the weekly inserts in paper form. Usually there is a limit on the number of coupons you can print per IP address or email address, so you can usually print from your computer and  your phone. Something we really wanted to stock up on  I had everyone in the house print it on their phone. You can go to your favorite product’s websites and look around for coupons. I’ve even found that sometimes you can contact a company and tell them how much you love their product or tell them about something wrong with a product and they will send you coupons for your good review or problem you encountered. Once I purchased yogurt and it had mold inside. The company said more than likely it was due to the store’s handling of the product since it doesn’t have artificial preservatives it is needed to be kept cold, but they sent me coupons for my trouble.

Where to get coupons from online? 

Here are websites for free printable coupons on many different products and brands.

  1. P&G
  2. Red Plum
  4. Grocery Coupon Network
  5. Hopster -Not just coupons but also earn points for items.
  6. Lozo -Put in your grocery list and it will find the coupons to go with it.
  7. Smart Source
  8. Savings Star -Even offers produce and  a healthy offer of the week!
  9. Every day Saver
  10. Grocery Coupon Cart
  11. Grocery Smarts  – Even organizes by state
  12. Common Kindness– Donates to charity and offers organic & unique brands
  13. Coupons for Print
  14. Ready Set Eat
  15. Sunday Coupon Inserts
  16. Groupon
  17. Val Pak
  18. Coupon Rocker




Where to get coupons from your favorite brands? 

Here are websites for companies offering printable coupons on their brands.

  1. Seventh Generation
  2. Kelloggs
  3. Pampers
  4. Pillsbury
  5. Betty Crocker
  6. Back to Nature
  7. Horizon Organic
  8. Kraft
  9. Tyson
  10. Arm & Hammer
  11. Colgate
  12. Scott
  13. Johnson & Johnson
  14.  9 Lives coupons
  15. Alpo newsletter and coupons
  16. Fresh Step cat litter coupons
  17. Natural Balance pet food coupons
  18. Purina (including Friskies) coupons


Where to get Coupons?

Where to get coupons from your local grocery stores?

Here are links to some grocery store chains. If yours isn’t listed comment below with the link and I will add it to the list.

  1.  Acme
  2.  Albertson’s
  3.  County Market
  4.  CVS  
  5. Dollar General
  6. Family Dollar
  7.  Fareway
  8. Food Lion
  9.  The Fresh Market
  10. Hays
  11. Harps
  12.  Kroger
  13. Meijer
  14.  Piggly-Wiggly
  15.  Publix
  16.  Rite Aid
  17. Safeway
  18.  Schnucks
  19.  Shaw’s
  20. Shop N Save
  21. Shop Rite
  22. Target
  23. Vons
  24.  Whole Foods
  25. Walgreens

Did I miss your store or somewhere else that you recommend finding coupons? Post in the comments below! Here is another great resource to save you and your family some money: 28 Genius Tricks: How to Save Money on Amazon and Get Free Stuff



Where to get coupons from?

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