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SolleFlex PI

Bring back your Freedom and Vitality

Bring back your Freedom and Vitality

What if you could always move through your day comfortably, freely and optimistically, even when your activities might normally make you sore, stiff, or even overwhelmed?

Even more, what if you could participate in ALL the activities you value most without being limited by joint pain and other structural inflammatory challenges?

At Solle Naturals, we believe you CAN make those positive thoughts a reality.
And, we want to give you a little help. It’s called SolleFlex PI™, and it has concentrated natural ingredients proven to support prime structural balance and vitality.

So, whether you are running marathons or running down a 2-yr. old, SolleFlex PI™ can help you do it better!

Ingredients – 7 Magnificent Herbs

Chinese Scullcap Extract This carefully selected extract of Huang Qui is the subject of numerous recent studies which show strong activity in areas of inflammation and pain, in addition to other key factors in daily well-being.

Boswellia Serrata Often known by its common name, Indian Frankincense, this effective herb is also widely studied for joint inflammation and many other inflammation related health concerns. Its mood-lifting properties make its inclusion in SolleFlex PI™ a perfect fit.

Noni Extract This nutritious fruit contains key compounds that stimulate the immune system and address inflammation, among other issues. Also a source of key vitamins and minerals, noni has become widely used in recent years and has effectively changed the way people see many tropical fruits.

Magnolia Bark One of the oldest known tree species, aromatic Magnolia bark is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its unique polyphenolic compounds are the reason this bark is used in natural anti-stress formulas and formulas for more restful sleep. Health experts agree that it is hard to overstate the importance of adequate sleep in any health program.


Curcumin (Turmeric) A powerful spice extract that is a strong antioxidant, supports healthy circulation, and is neuroprotective. Its strong activity in colonhealth, and as an important digestive, explain its widespread use in curries and cooking in India. Studies also show that curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory compound.

Myrrh gum In traditional Chinese medicine used forinflammation and circulatory support, this tree resin is now increasingly studied for its many other beneficial qualities. Its anti-microbial qualities and its ability to lessen physical discomfort are important reasons for further study

Grape Seed Extract Grapes are good, but grape seeds are even better! They contain many compounds, including resveratrol, that fight inflammation and circulatory issues, and bring improved mental clarity. Originally called “vitamin P” by is discoverer, this heavily-studied seed gives broad and proven support for many body-system functions and overall well-being.

The Solle Difference

Most comparable products contain a number of non-plant ingredients. Our 100% Plantbased product is not only uniquely formulated for bioavailability, but also is balanced for our unique approach to the mind-body connection.
Our formula also draws more heavily from proven Eastern herbal traditions due to the broad additional benefits of these herbs in well-being and vitality that greatly widen the possible applications of SolleFlex PI.

Product Use

Take 2 vegetable capsules once daily with a meal.

Complementary Product

Combine SolleFlex PI™ with SolleMegas™ 100% plant-sourced omegas, and leverage your new-found health freedom!

"My husband isn't even 30 and has already had knee surgery. Both knees hurt him on a daily basis to the point he had a hard time getting out of bed and walking down the stairs. He was thinking of getting both knees done, that's how bad they would bother him. He's been using Flex PI for 3 weeks now and he said he feels like he has brand new knees. He is absolutely amazed at how well Solle is helping him"

- Faithe

"I had knee surgery 40+ years ago and SolleFlex PI has been a life saver for me. No more stiff and sore joints. I take two in the morning and two at night and don't have the aches I once did."


"Solle flex has been amazing for me! I have RA - and while it usually would only flare up bad when my immune system was compromised, sometimes weather pressure and stress would have me swollen and in pain. (Or my period. Thanks ridiculous body!) I started taking two flex daily back in March. I’ve had one flare up - And it was NOTHING compared to before. I took 2 additional flex that day and the next and the swollen joints were almost gone! "