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Do you have these Signs of Digestive Problems?

Do you have these symptoms? You could have digestive problems and not even know it.

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Gut health seems to be quite a hot topic these days. I think it is because we are finally realizing how much of an impact our gut has on our overall health and wellness. Bad gut bacteria not only contribute to digestive problems. It can also cause mental health problems like stress and anxiety, lead to poor focus and brain fog, and many other issues.

Today I’m going to be talking about signs of digestive problems. Some are pretty common and others I didn’t know was related until I learned about it myself. So first let me ask you what kinds of digestive problems have you had in the past or have now? Comment below.


Finally a detox that won't keep me chained to the toilet! You will want to check this out if you want to rid your body of toxins, help your digestive problems, balance your body, and get more energy back!


5 Signs of Digestive Problems

#1 Gut or Stomach Discomfort

So think about how you felt after eating breakfast or lunch today. Did you feel tired? Did you have heartburn? What about bloating? Running to the bathroom shortly after eating? These are pretty classic signs that you are having digestive problems. All of these signs point to bacteria in your gut not being balanced properly.


Women's stomach with out of order written on it. Do you have these signs of digestive problems?



#2 Food Cravings

The next common sign of having digestive problems is having specific food cravings.
While these can also be from other conditions, you should talk to your doctor about your gut health if you have an intense craving for foods that are sweet. Sweets and sugar tend
to be a big sign of an imbalance of your gut health and gut bacteria. Have you had antibiotics recently? It rids your gut of both bad and good bacteria, so you might have an
increase in sugar cravings due to the good bacteria being out of balance in your gut. My mom was just in the hospital last week and was pumped full of antibiotics. She is having all kinds of digestive problems right now.



#3 Your Breath Smells

When most people notice that someone has bad breath, their first reaction might be to
pull back and avoid the subject, but telling someone that they have bad breath could be
life-changing for them because bad breath is often a sign of much more important
issues. Many people who have bad breath simply have digestive problems that they
haven’t become aware of yet. Paying close attention to when your breath smells can
also give you an indication of what’s triggering it specifically.




#4 You’re Tired After Meals

Do you feel energized and lively after meals, or tired and lethargic? How you feel after a
dinner can say a lot about the state of your digestive health. Sometimes it can be as
simple as needing to have more fiber in your diet, but one major issue that people have
is a clogged and plaque-filled large intestine. These buildups of waste can prevent your
body from absorbing the vital nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and alive. This could
also become more serious when the weight of trapped material begins to cause internal
injury to your intestinal lining. How you feel after you eat is a good indication of digestive problems.



#5 Adult Skin Issues

So, a pimple suddenly rises on your cheek. Then a few days later another, and another.
Is this just adult acne? Well, it’s possible, but it’s a fairly common thing for people with
digestive problems to have skin issues. The bacteria that often causes acne only comes about due to a heavy presence of the good bacteria that fights to keep you body healthy and your skin free of bacterial colonies. If you are sure to get enough good bacteria to fight the bad, then your skin should naturally clear up a bit. Many skin issues begin in the gut such as Rosacea, and Eczema.





Why do we have so many digestive problems? 

See here’s the thing we are bombarded with chemicals every day even if we are trying to keep ourselves healthy by eating all organic, non-processed foods, and purifying our water supply. There are chemicals in your home, your work, and especially places like the grocery store. The world is full of toxins so there is no way to completely avoid them. All we can do is minimize our exposure and help our body eliminate what it is exposed to.

What can we do about it? 

How old are you? You have probably been alive at least 30 years; me over 40. You probably have quite a build up of these toxins in your body. This slows everything down and hinders elimination. A way you can help your body is to have an all-natural herbal detox. This is something we all should do a few times per year to keep our body systems running smoothly.

I don’t mean you need to Fast for 7 days, drink only liquids or consume a minimum amount of calories. You won’t have to eliminate certain food groups or feel deprived at all. There is no need in starving. You can still live a normal life, but feel lighter, and have more energy.

I have a Detox program that I run live only a few times a year. It is called Fresh Start Detox. You don’t have to change your diet at all. Obviously, the cleaner, less processed the food you are eating the better the results you will get, but you don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect either.



Finally a detox that won't keep me chained to the toilet! You will want to check this out if you want to rid your body of toxins, help your digestive problems, balance your body, and get more energy back!



It is better to do this detox without changing any of your bad habits than to wait for this magical time where the stars align and you have everything ready. Never is everything going to be perfect.

This detox is for anyone whether you are a beginner to detoxes or you have done them in the past. All it requires is you drink a natural fiber green drink, and a couple plant sourced capsules that will help your body detoxify and get rid of the gunk. You do this twice a day and that is it you can go on with your regular life!

Still not sure YOUR body needs a detox? Take my Toxic Load Test: Do you need a detox? 

If you would like to do this with me I have decided to offer some great bonuses.

1. A live 14-day detox workshop that will walk you through step by step gently detoxing your body, resetting your metabolism, balancing your hormones, and gaining much-needed energy and vitality back. ($97 value)

2. A one on one coaching call to discuss your unique struggles and come up with a game plan once you have finished the 14 days. ($50 value)

3.  Join by the first Saturday of each month to be entered into a drawing for a complete fitness package to use up all that new found energy after the detox. (value at least $50).

4. First 3 people to sign up gets a $25 gift card to use on your purchase of the Detox package.

I can only take in 10 people for this group each month since I want to work one on one with each of you. If you would like more information the link to the fresh Start natural detox is below. Let’s get a fresh start with your digestive problems now!

Fresh Start Natural Detox


Finally a detox that won't keep me chained to the toilet! You will want to check this out if you want to rid your body of toxins, help your digestive problems, balance your body, and get more energy back!


Woman holding her nose. Do you have bad breath? Check out these signs of digestive problems.

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15 Responses to Do you have these Signs of Digestive Problems?

  1. Maria says:

    Great ideas to think about. I changed my diet to more plant based a few years ago and have never felt better. Many of my gut issues were alleviated then. 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    Very interesting, so true that it’s built up for so many years.

  3. Jen says:

    I learnt yesterday that 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut! I always assumed that something so key to mental health was made in the brain. So this post was right on point for me! Great read 👍🏻

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Thank you! I always thought that too. They are now calling our stomach our 2nd brain.

  4. Sara says:

    I’ve been looking for how to heal my gut. Do you have any free resources?

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Yes I do, Sara! Take this Toxic Load Quiz and I will email you tips and resources:

  5. Erica says:

    Great detox program! I’ve had digestion problems in the past and I had to be really aggressive in getting back to health. And I still like to do a detox about every 6 months.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Glad you got back to good health! Yes a detox about every 6 months is a good idea helps your body do a reset.

  6. Gunjan says:

    Its really a good read. This article is completely informative and useful. My relative has this digestion problem and I am going to forward your blog to him.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Thank you! I hope your relative can find some help. The digestive system affects a lot of other systems in the body.

  7. Geeky Daddy says:

    I always thought Gluten sensitivity was more of fad than a medical condition. Until my wife had all kinds of digestive issues while she was pregnant. Turned out she had a Gluten intolerance that was exasperated while she was pregnant. As soon as our son was born, she went back to normal. Everybody’s body is different.

    1. Shannah Holt says:

      Oh no, I’m sure that made the pregnancy tough! Glad she is back to normal, and yes everyone’s body is different.

  8. It’s interesting how much gut health can cause so many seemingly unrelated symptoms! It’s important to be aware of what’s going on! Great tips.

  9. Ah! I never thought of this. I do relate to some of these symptoms. My family members have digestion problems but I never considered that I would have the problem. Thanks for this post!

  10. Tessa says:

    Detoxing is such a great idea! I know for myself, I can get hooked on detoxing because it can impact my energy levels, clear up my skin and help me sleep better. Thanks for sharing!!