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Meal Planning 101 Making the Grocery List

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In Meal planning Ideas 101 Finding and Saving Recipes I provided you some strategies to use in finding and saving recipes to use in your meal planning. In Meal Planning 101 Map out a Plan What to Eat When I  shared tips to figure out when to have what. Today we are going to be making the grocery list in a way you won’t be having to run out to the store for something you need.

Here is a video I did live for Meal Planning 101 Making the Grocery List  in my Journey in Wellness Facebook Community (click on the link if you would like to join!).


Scavenger Hunt

Once you have picked out what you want to eat make a list of all the ingredients you will need for each meal. Don’t forget things like seasonings, oils, and milk. Take that list and check your pantry, freezer, and fridge to see if you already have it. You don’t want to forget anything and have to change your plan later in the week. It will cost you more money and time when you have to go back out to get something else or missing ingredients. I created some more freebies today which are inventory sheets so you can keep a running list of things in your pantry, freezer, and fridge that you use frequently. I also created meal planning sheets and  grocery list templates that went with Part 2. Click on the link below to get them now.

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Organize the Grocery List

After you have all the ingredients checked and on your grocery list you will need to add fruits, vegetables, snacks, and any other household stuff that you will need. I usually rewrite this list so that things are in organized columns. I know I’m a little OCD but I know where to look on the list for different areas of the store like frozen foods, and non food items. I have a large family and being at the grocery store is not any fun to me so I want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Being able to scan my list quickly based on areas helps me do that.



Stick to the Grocery List

When you go shopping stick to the list. Try to resist being drawn into the end caps of the aisles displaying the stuff they want you to buy. If you want to know about all the different ways stores try to trick you check out my Blog that I wrote about this. I will share that link at the end:   Saving Money on Groceries Part 6 How Do Stores Trick You?



In my Journey in Wellness Facebook community group, Janice made a really good post today.  How she wanted ice cream and bought a 1/2 gallon, but should have bought a smaller container. That is so true if it isn’t in your house you won’t eat it plain and simple! If you want a treat make yourself have to go out and get it. Most likely you won’t go right? If you do get the smallest container possible so you will get that treat and not keep eating it day after day until it is gone. They even sell single slices of cakes and pies now at Walmart.


So remember menu planning will help you save time, money, will reduce food waste, and give you more variety since you can plan in advance. Write it all down. We keep a menu board on our fridge and a grocery list beside it so we can add things when we run out. You can also try out Evernote or Cozy for free they are both online and mobile and can be shared with the whole family.

Let me know in the comments what tip you will be trying this week.




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