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Couponing Basics to Extreme Part 10: Bonus Tips

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This is Part 10 in a series on Couponing Basics that even a very beginner can master this month. Today’s topic is going to be Bonus Tips!

Whether or not you are trying to eat healthier,  feed your family more nutritious meals, or just get that paycheck to stretch until the next paycheck we could all save a little money using coupons. My hope is that after you have learned and implemented my tips and resources you will be able to strategically use coupons as a tool in your mom toolbox to save your family money.

Here is a video from a live presentation I did on my Facebook page. I do post tips each day if you would like to check them out here is my page: Fit Frugal Life Facebook Page


Common Mistakes

  1. Don’t get overwhelmed! When you do too much too soon with anything (coupons included) you will crash and burn. Start using the tips I’ve shared just with items already on your list. When you have mastered that, then start doing this with sale items. Once you have mastered that start looking for the deals you can stack and get free.
  2. Using every coupon you have whether or not they are good coupons. Sometimes coupons are really not that great. They need to be something you use, and will be a good value for you. If you can get the same item at Aldi’s or Walmart  without using the coupon then don’t worry about it and definitely don’t stock up on the coupon for it or buy a bunch of that item.
  3. Don’t print every coupon there is. Just print out what you will use. If you don’t need diapers don’t print diaper coupons. Same goes with cutting out coupons . Some couponers don’t even cut out their coupons until they are going to use them. They keep them organized in sheet protectors or file folders based on the date that the insert came out. Then when a deal is displayed on one of those sites I shared yesterday they pull the insert and cut the coupons.
  4. Digital or Electronic downloadable coupons to a store loyalty card are usually manufacturer coupons. Double check before you download it. Some can be used on 1 item, some can be used for multiple items, but all usually have a limit and can not be combined with a paper manufacturer coupon on the same item. Some stores will allow you to use additional paper manufacturer coupons to buy more of the same products, but again it is up to the store and their rules. For Example Winn Dixie only allows 5 of the same coupon to be used per transaction.


Be Checkout Ready

  1. Coupons sometimes stick together especially printed ones so put something between them and hand them 1 at a time. This can be a piece of paper or just you double checking to make sure you count them out to the cashier and making sure you see it come off that many times.
  2. Go on a day with less shoppers. I go weekdays Monday-Thursday and before school lets out. You can also go early morning or late night.
  3. Make a spot in your cart to keep all the items you will be competitive price matching or using coupons so that you can keep them at the end of the belt so you have time to organize your coupons in the way you want to present them.


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