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Aldi Shopping Tips

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I do about 50% of my shopping at Aldi’s and have for as long as there has been an Aldi’s in driving distance. A mom of 8 has to find the very best deals when shopping; groceries especially. So today I want to share some of my tips and reasons why I shop at Aldi’s.

Below is a Live Video I did on Facebook, but I did post the key points below the video.



  • If you don’t have an Aldi’s in your area you may have one coming this year or next since they are expanding right now. You may also want to check out their sister store Trader Joe.
  • It does have limited hours so make sure you keep that in mind. It is open just during peak times. My area opens by 10 am and closes by 8 pm.
  • BYOB Bring your own bags,  prepare to find boxes, or pay for bags. You also do bag your own groceries on space designated for just that.
  • Cashiers are ninja fast! There are multiple barcodes on each product which helps make the checkout process go very quickly.

  • Bring a quarter, because the cart requires one to use. You will get it back when you return the cart. It may seem inconvenient , but you won’t have to worry about a wet cart since they are all kept up at the store. You can also be a cart Angel and pay it forward by giving someone in a nearby car your cart.
  • They have super affordable prices on both organic and regular items. They don’t carry everything, but what they do I have found is much cheaper than even somewhere else on sale. There is only one option when choosing a product. There won’t be two different brands of sugar. Almost all is Aldi brand, but occasionally they do offer name brand options.
  • They do offer weekly sale items. You can even see next week’s ads in advance. Here is a link to their weekly add: Aldi’s sales They have a Wednesday fresh meat specials and Bonus buys on items other than food like clothes, housewares, toys, and holiday items. The bonus items are located in an aisle together and when they are gone they are gone.
  • They don’t take coupons. I know bummer, but again their prices are lower anyway and mostly Aldi brand. Occasionally they come out with their own coupon such as $5 off the purchase of a ham or off a total purchase.
  • They have a Double Guarantee so you can rest assured if you get something home that you are not satisfied with for any reason they will replace the item and give you a refund. I can only remember needing to return one item and I can’t even remember what it was.


  • They offer a good selection of organic and health related products especially produce. They have a Never Any line of meat with no antibiotics, hormones or animal by products. The Simply Nature line of products are either organic or Non Gmo project verified and contain no added artificial flavors, colors, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oils. They have a list of over 125 ingredients that will not be found in this line. Here is a link to that list: Simply Nature Instead they use things like turmeric and beets to add colors.
  • Everything in the store is kept organized in the same location even most stores have the same design. This means in and out quicker since you can find things fast and easy.

Did I miss anything you would like to add? Comment below! Do you have a store you get the best deals? Share that below in the comments too! We move every couple years to a new part of the country and I am always looking for the best deals.