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5 Tips to Control Cravings and Stop Binge Eating Now

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We all have cravings from time to time even when we are trying our best to eat healthy. I have 5 tips to help control cravings plus a Bonus tip that you can start implementing right now!

This was a Facebook Live I did  with my 5 Tips to Control Cravings



5 Tips to Control Cravings

1. Distract Yourself


Throw yourself into something that gets your mind and hands distracted. This may be doing a fun hobby like scrapbooking, knitting, or doing a puzzle. You could also fold a load of laundry, make a phone call, or do menu planning.


2. Get active!


There was a study from the University of Wyoming about exercise and eating that I want to share with you. There was a group of women that were tested with a buffet of food on both workout days versus non workout days. They were told they had to wait an hour before going to the buffet. You would think that the ones that had exercised hard that day would be the hungrier ones, but no it was the ones that didn’t exercise that ate more.

The thing is exercise causes a spike in the production of the Ghrelin hormone, but this also causes other hormones that tell your body you are satisfied are released as well. This mixture of hormones after exercise causes you to keep from over eating, feel fuller faster, and lose your appetite. Even just a walk will give you the fresh air and physical exercise to help control cravings for food.

3. Hydrate

curb cravings

Drink a glass of water. Most of the time when you think you are hungry; you are actually thirsty. By drinking the water you will drown cravings as well as help you to feel full.

4. Brush your teeth.

curb cravings


Just the thought of mixing the flavors of minty toothpaste and chocolate should help control cravings. Also who wants to get their teeth dirty just after brushing.

5. Chew gum especially minty gum.

The act of chewing combined with the minty taste  is bound to change your taste buds and help you forget that craving.

Control Cravings Bonus Tip:

Take a look at your nutrition. Are you giving your body what it needs? It is hard to get in all of the macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals if you are not really watching what you eat. Some things out at the grocery store is just “fluff” not nutritional value at all.  My biggest cravings buster is my Solle Complete I drink every day.

curb cravings



Solle Complete is a super food nutrition drink that is the cornerstone of my success call it a shake or a smoothie, or even dessert depending on how you want to make it. Heck I even put it into pancakes, make cookies and pudding with it, etc…..The thing is it is NOT a protein shake, or even a weight loss shake. Yes it does help with weight loss and does provide you with some protein, but the reason why I drink it is because it provides me what I can’t give my body. I don’t have the time, money or resources to have all of the Superfoods that are suggested we eat. I tried doing it for a couple months after my Cancer treatment, and I spent a ton of time in the kitchen and a couple hundred extra dollars each week.


control cravings


I can workout everyday and not see the full results if I’m not eating healthy and filling my body with the right nutrients. Solle Complete is what tells my body “I’ve got what I need, unload the rest” and I see the fat come off. This isn’t a super pill that works by magic though! Its all natural and filled with super foods and whole foods and pre and probiotics and protein that leaves me feeling full and satisfied.  It keeps me from being hungry, controls my cravings, and gives me energy. I actually drink it for lunch so I never have that afternoon slump anymore. It provides me healthy nutrition during my journey.

Do you think you may need Solle Complete or another All Plant Sourced Supplement? Take my Health Quiz and get your personal recommendations below:

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Now, If all this fails to keep you out of the cookie jar, or candy drawer, have one and then repeat these 5 things again. Remember this is a journey not a destination and these are lifestyle choices you are making that you will continue making for the rest of your life.  It won’t be the end of the world if you have one. Just don’t let one become a whole package. Which one of these tips will most help control your cravings?

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2 Responses to 5 Tips to Control Cravings and Stop Binge Eating Now

  1. Carrie says:

    Great tips I love the one about the water and brushing your teeth. I use that a lot . Sweet and salty are very bad for me so I got the hard Werther candies. 70 calories for three of the candies and I only have to eat one. it takes a while and by the time I’ve gotten it down to nothing the craving is gone. Thanks again

  2. Carrie says:

    Great tips. I used the water trick and brushing my teeth a lot. Sweet and salty cravings are bad for me so I’ll buy a small bag of the werthers hard candies. Only 70 calories for three pieces and it only takes one. By the time I’ve gotten it down to nothing the craving is gone. thanks again.