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5 Healthy Habits to Baby Step Your Way to Weight Loss!

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While there is a whole list of things that will help you lose weight, let’s narrow into 5 easy healthy habits to baby step your way to success! I believe that taking baby steps for 5 days in a row, then building on gradually is where you will see the most success and be motivated to keep going.

5 Healthy Habits

#1 Prep Your Food for the Day

Preparing food ahead of time is a way to make sure that you have good healthy food with you. Food prep removes the chance that you will go out to grab a fast food lunch or reach for unhealthy choices. Creating a meal plan ahead of time, cooking and organizing that food, and then having those meals with you saves time later and is an excellent healthy habit to practice. Need some ideas on how to get started with meal planning and prep? Check out this blog series here and subscribe so you will get the new updates when I get them posted: Meal Planning 101


#2 Eat Your Breakfast Daily

Breakfast is a healthy start to your day. The word BREAKFAST literally means breaking a fast. Eating a well-balanced breakfast fuels your body and gets you ready for the day. Going without increases the chance you will reach for other food. Missing breakfast could very well leave you feeling irritable, tired, and hungry the rest of the day. If you are not a breakfast eater start small with a banana and some nuts. It is easy to grab and go too. Need some ideas to add variety to your breakfast check them out here: Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas


#3 Drink Water

5 Healthy Habits to Baby Step Your Way to Weight Loss!


Drop the diet soda off the menu and fill up a water bottle. Wherever you are now add one more 8 oz glass of water. Once you are doing that for 4-5 days, increase by adding another until you reach your suggested water recommendation. You can figure out what your body needs by taking your weight dividing it in half and drinking that many ounces per day of water. If it is hot, or you are working out you will need to add a little more.  Water is beneficial to the body for many reasons including flushing toxins, and suppressing hunger. Invest in a quality refillable bottle and carry that with you everywhere so you don ‘t have the excuse of not doing this healthy habit. Want some tips on how to get more water in each day? Check out my blog series here: How to Drink More Water?

#4 Don’t Forget to Eat your Veggies

Meals can be made healthier with more vegetables being added. Increase the amount and variety of veggies that you eat daily. Vegetables will help fill you up so you are less hungry, plus they provide multiple nutrients your body needs to be healthy.  Have a goal of using additional vegetables at each meal. If you need some more tips I have a blog series on how how to eat more veggies easy and/or sneaky ways. Check them out here: Nutrition for Weight Loss Eating Vegetables the Easy Way


#5 Have your Snacks Prepacked

5 Healthy Habits to Baby Step Your Way to Weight Loss!

Make good choices with your snacks instead of using quick runs to the vending machine, convenient store, or fast food drive through. It is an excellent plan to have fruit, veggies, nuts, or hard-boiled eggs. Be careful of prepackaged energy bars, and 100 calorie packs. Always look at the ingredients. The fewer the ingredients the better and look for any added sugars. Even better make your own!

These five small healthy habits will equal big change toward weight loss! Which one will you start with  tomorrow? Did you know I have a Journey in Wellness Community with more tips like this every day? Just let me know you want in!