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5 Back to School Tips to Get Back on Track

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With school starting back, summer is officially winding down, and  for many of us that means schedules become fuller and more hectic.  The end of summer and beginning of another school year can be a busy, stressful time for parents. Our to-do lists fill up rapidly and it seems that there are not enough hours in the day to complete all that is needed to prepare. It is important to keep our priorities in order without completely forgetting about our health and fitness goals. Try following these simple 5 Back to School Tips to Get Back on Track. The last few months we have been focused on vacations, trips, our kids being out of school and spending time out and about in the sun. And although our work schedule has more than likely gone unchanged, it is important that we get back to our normal way of life and plan how to attack daily goals.



#1 Time Block

Similar to meal prepping, try taking some time to schedule out your week in advance. The more detailed you can be with every hour of the day will help you set aside time for exercise. If you let one chore or task just roll into the next and so on, it is very easy to lose track of time and miss opportunities to get your workout in. As you schedule each thing that needs to be done, the day seems less daunting and you recognize that there is enough time to maintain your routine and keep getting fit.





#2 Work as a Team

As a family it is vital to work as a team. One person doing all the work while the others do not chip in to help will put strain and stress on the family, hindering the chance for success. It is important to prepare your schedules with “me” time as well. This prevents one parent from feeling overloaded or overworked. If you and your partner are on different schedules, try mapping out a plan where one half of the partnership takes care of certain tasks while the other gets time for self care. This can be repeated to allow the other partner to as well. For single parents, work together with your child and anyone else who can lend support to you by finding opportunities that can allow you ample time for yourself.


#3 Recommit to an Exercise Routine  

After a summer with maybe less discipline, it is important to get back on track and recommit to your health and fitness goals. Finding a plan and workout that fits your schedule will help give you the confidence to succeed and achieve the goals you set forth. Usually the best time to get your exercise in is first thing in the morning before everyone else wakes up and everything else needs your time and attention, but if you have an evening gym class or meet up with a workout buddy, then make that work. Summer may have been a fun break from the grind, but now it is time to get focused!

#4 Create and Use a Calendar 

A calendar or calendar-type app on your smart phone is a great step in planning and sticking to a schedule. Finding a place that is visible to the entire family can help everyone know exactly what is going on during a certain day. There is also value in using one through your smart phone because they can often be linked with alerts, reminders, and alarms. A couple that I have used are Cozi and Evernote. Setting alerts can help hold us accountable to stay true to our time blocking and not let the day get away from us.

#5 Get Good Sleep

Once school starts back, we typically give our kids a new bedtime versus when they were going to bed during the summer. Well, they should not be the only ones. Give yourself a bedtime and try to stay true to what you set for yourself. Getting a good night’s sleep is very important in how your body works. Getting solid rest can be all the difference in feeling refreshed and motivated to tackle the day or dragging and being drowsy. Let’s be honest; we probably did not hold ourselves to the best sleeping habits during the summer months either.


Which one of these 5 Back to School Tips to Get Back on Track will you start this week?

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