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10 Tips to Bounce Back from a Binge

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So this weekend you caved and binged! Now what? It tasted so good in the moment, but now you  feel physically terrible and mentally deflated. I want to share with you my 10 Tips to Bounce Back from a Binge



I’m not perfect I take a few great big leaps forward, then a few steps back.

It is hard really hard to be the only one in the house to care about eating healthy and working out, but to be around the foods on a daily basis is an act of strength that sometimes I just don’t have. Now I’m not saying I don’t allow myself treats from time to time, but I know that one donut will probably lead to another and then another. Who else knows what I’m saying?

In the past I would have said “Oh well, I just ruined my whole week I will have to start all over next week and go ahead and have more today too.”

I’m here to tell you that you didn’t ruin your week! You can jump right back in today and recover from that binge! Here are some tips that will help you get back on track TODAY!



10 Tips to Bounce Back from a Binge


1. Don’t beat yourself up!

Or anyone else around you for that matter. It happens, move on. If you set there and dwell on it that will just lead to more binging. Don’t blame others for having it around either, it will only create more stress.



10 Tips to Bounce Back from a Binge



2. Avoid the scale! You have not gained 5lbs from that splurge, but you may be bloated from all the sodium and lack of water. Besides jumping on the scale and looking at that number will only mess with your head even more! Don’t let the number on the scale ever define your self worth. It is better to concentrate on how your clothes fit, and how you feel.

10 Tips to Bounce Back from a Binge



3. Drink lots and lots of water! Rehydrate and flush that “CRAP” out of your system as quickly as possible. Drinking more water will also cause you to feel less sluggish and tired.


10 Tips to Bounce Back from a Binge



4. Move Get some activity in your day whether it is walking, strength training, dancing, whatever just get moving. Don’t overwork your body thinking you can make up for it.


10 Tips to Bounce Back from a Binge


5. Love on Yourself: Treat yourself to good music, motivational pictures, or a hot bath. We do this for our kids when they have a bad day, treat yourself that way too!


10 Tips to Bounce Back from a Binge



6. Eat (but healthy!) Don’t think that you should limit your food, or worse starve yourself. That will only have you craving more of that junk you had. So have your veggies, fruits and lean proteins.



10 Tips to Bounce Back from a Binge



7. Get some sleep. You will feel run down and you don’t need to actually be tired and rundown on top of that. Make sure you get good quality sleep. Need some tips on how to get that check out my other blog on getting sleep. How to Get More Sleep Series



10 Tips to Bounce Back from a Binge



8. Plan for success– Spend some time making out a meal plan for the week. Get the items you will need to eat healthy all week so it won’t be so hard to stay on course. Try to prep some items ahead of time so they are easily accessible.



10 Tips to Bounce Back from a Binge



9. Reach out for support– Do you have a health and fitness coach? Are you part of a supportive community that not only understands what you are going through, but will also help to pick you back up? If not reach out to me I offer both!

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10. Be patient with yourself. If you just spent the whole weekend binging it may take a few days for your body to recover and feel good again. Just keep repeating these tips and believe in the process.



10 Tips to Bounce Back from a Binge


So try one or more of these 10 Tips to Bounce Back from a Binge and get your self back on the road to reaching your goals.  Let me know in the comments which one of these you can do right now in the next 30 minutes.

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