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Meal Planning 101 Part 2 Map out a Plan

Meal Planning 101 Part 2 Map out a Plan

In Meal Planning 101 part 1 I provided you some strategies to use in finding and saving recipes to use in your meal planning. Today in Meal Planning 101 Part 2 Map I will be sharing with you tips to figure out when to have what.

Here is a video I did live for Meal planning 101 Part 2 Map out a Plan in my Journey to Be Fit Facebook Community (click on the link if you would like to join!)



Now it is time to sit down and decide when to have what. I suggest to first take a Look at your calendar and think about any special events coming up in the next week (or longer if you are planning for longer)  like a birthday party or office lunch. You can always eat something before you go or bring a healthier option to go with what is served. Or use it as your “cheat meal”, but make sure you plan accordingly for that.  There was a reason that I had you do the food journals last week before I did meal planning. You need to also look at those times where you ate off plan because you were stressed for time.


Another thing to look at is what meals that would work better back to back. Maybe one day you are baking chicken and the next day you need cooked chicken for a chicken salad. If you line them up ahead of time it will make it easier on you when it is time to cook.


When I sit down to map out the plan I am really only mapping out dinner. I personally have the same breakfast every single day of the week which is 2 eggs with cheddar, vegetables, and an english muffin so those items go on the list automatically each week. For lunch I have Shakeology. Shakeology works really well for me in the afternoon when I am the most busiest between work and homeschooling and if we have an appointment to go to it can actually go with me. My kids also have eggs for breakfast not so much the vegetables, and they also have Shakeology for lunch. Our dinners are different each night of the week for at least 2 weeks. I’ve been doing this for so long that we pretty much have a running list of meals to have for a month with only a few repeats. Are they all healthy and fit my plan? If they don’t they will with just a few tweaks. So today I have a freebies for you. I have meal planning sheets and a grocery list template. Click on the link below to get them now.

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If you are not part of the Journey to Be Fit Facebook Community join at the link below. This is where I share different tips and strategies each week.

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